Stephen Madigan, MSW, MSc, Ph.D.

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Stephen Madigan, MSW, MSc, Ph.D.

The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy and Yaletown Family Therapy.
2025 West 16th Ave,
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6J-2M6.
Phone – 604-688-7860
Email –

The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) recently honored Stephen with their Distinguished Award for Innovative Practice in Family Therapy Theory and Practice.

Stephen holds an MSW as well as an MSc and PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy. In 1992, he opened the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy through Yaletown Family Therapy (YFT) in Vancouver, Canada, as the first Narrative Therapy training site in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s here that he consults, supervises and talks with people in therapy and – in keeping with his social democratic roots, he’s always made a practice of doing 20% of this therapy work for free.

Stephen’s third book entitled - Narrative Therapy – theory and practice – published as ‘the primer’ for NT by the APA (American Psychological Association) came out in December 2010. The APA has also released a six part ‘live session’ DVD series of his work entitled ‘Narrative Therapy Through Time’.

Stephen hosts the annual Therapeutic Conversations conferences (, and currently teaches narrative therapy training workshops worldwide (for workshop references and his workshop travel schedule go to -

Stephen is the father of 15 yr old twin daughters and a ‘retired’ member of Canada’s National Ultimate Frisbee Team.

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by Stephen Madigan
ISBN 978-1-4338-0855-5

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With Stephen Madigan
Developed and hosted by Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD.
DVD. Over 300 minutes.
ISBN 978-1-4338-0804-3