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  • Farmers Adapting To Climate Change
  • Farmers Adapting To Climate Change

Farmers Adapting To Climate Change



Appreciative Inquiry To Promote Local Innovations Among Farmers Adapting To Climate Change: A Facilitator’s Guide 

by Dr. Shayamal K. Saha

This Guide on “Appreciative Inquiry to Promote Local Innovations among Farmers Adapting to Climate Change” is prepared for development workers who would like to facilitate a community learning and adaptation process, especially for farmers in agriculture facing challenges of climate change. This guide is not about agricultural technologies which would help farmers to merely adapt but it is about facilitating a process of sharing knowledge and technologies farmers are continuously innovating to overcome challenges in relation to their local situation and mode of life.

The specific and practical objective of this Guide is to enable practitioners involved with government, NGOs, and community-based organizations to apply the Appreciative Inquiry cycle to promote local innovations among farmers adapting to climate change.