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Appreciative Inquiry of the 3.0 Kind
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Polish translation of Vance Peavy - "Sociodynamic Counselling. A Practical Approach to Meaning Making"
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The Practice Turn in
Contemporary Theory
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Fostering Dialogue Across
Divides: A Nuts and Bolts
Guide from the Public Conversations Project
by Maggie Herzig and
Laura Chasin
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    Getting Started: A Guide to Collaboration in the Classroom
by Kathleen O. Kane and Joan Harms
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Also Available by R. Vance Peavy


Sociodynamic Counselling:
A Constructivist Perspective
By R. Vance Peavy

Publications date: 1997, 1998
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    SocioDynamic Counselling. A Constructivist Perspective

SocioDynamic Counselling was created by Vance Peavy, Professor Emeritus of the University of Victoria, former editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Counselling and a leading voice in the profession of counselling in Canada as well as in Europe, Australia and the USA.


Books in Spanish

Orientación SocioDinámica:
Un enfoque práctico
a la creación de significado

SocioDynamic Counselling:
A Practical Approach
to Meaning Making
by R. Vance Peavy

Downloadable PDF

Construccionismo Social Aportes Para El Debate Y La Práctica
por Kenneth Gergen

Downloadable PDF

Las Escuelas Como Territorios De Paz

Por: Sara Victoria Alvarado - Héctor Fabio Ospina - Marieta Quintero - María Teresa Luna -María Camila Ospina - Jhoana A. Patiño 

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