Jackie Kelm

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Wake Forest , NC 27588
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Oh, where to start? My official career began as a development engineer for General Motors with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. During this time I wrote and presented a few technical papers that had concepts like "thermodynamically balanced," which I have selectively forgotten.

I then explored being an entrepreneur and started a custom carpet business. Working with interior designers, we designed and made one-of-a-kind area rugs and carpet inserts. I also volunteered for SCORE during this time, providing business consulting to other start-ups. Three years later, I sold the business to return to school full time. All my life I had been fascinated with individual behavior and group dynamics, and when I discovered there was actually a field devoted to this--called Organization Behavior, I dove in headfirst.

In 1996, I graduated with a Master's degree in Business with a concentration in Organization Behavior from Case Western Reserve University . During this time, I happened to take several classes from David Cooperrider on Appreciative Inquiry (AI), and was enamored with the concept. I became passionate about learning and applying AI from that time forward, and have been committed to it ever since. While still finishing graduate school, I began working with Ernst & Young LLP as a senior consultant in the Leadership and Organization Change group.  I was able to use AI in several initiatives and also got some great experience in education and training, along with group facilitation. I left as a manager when I had my daughter in 1999.

Being a full-time mother was a whole different kind of learning experience. I did a few part-time activities on the side, like participating in the start-up and founding of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting (AIC). I was also engaged in personal and spiritual exploration during this period, and began looking at applying AI in daily life.

Clarifying my ideas through a few years of heavy research and reading, I tried various practices along the way. As my life began to transform, my passion for what I was learning burgeoned. Writing accelerated my learning even more as the ideas unfolded on paper.  In September of 2005, it all culminated in the publication of Appreciative Living--and it has been a wonderful whirlwind ever since!

And now I am passionate about sharing these ideas with others. My life continues to get better and better, and my prospects for happiness are greater than anything I ever believed possible. I am working on several future book ideas, and fitting this in with workshops, speaking engagements, book signings, and, of course, my family. I have two wonderful children and a husband of 18 years. It is an exhilarating journey, and I am grateful every day for having found my calling--something that is so deeply meaningful and fulfilling. My greatest joy comes from watching others take these ideas and make positive changes in their lives, and I look forward to many wonderful years of co-creation!