Laura Vilela e Souza, Ph.D.

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Laura Vilela e Souza, Ph.D.

Avenida Getúlio Guaritá, 159, Centro Educacional (Sala 320)
Bairro Abadia, CEP: 38025-440
Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Phone Number: +55 (34) 3318-5929

Universidade Federal do Triangulo Mineiro
Department of Clinical Psychology and Society

Laura is a licensed psychologist, conflict mediator and dialogue facilitator. She is the Professor of group theories, collaborative practices, social construction and Psychology research of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Society at the Universidade Federal of Triangulo Mineiro/Brazil.

She is one of the editors of the Brazilian Journal “SPAGESP” (ISSN 2175-3628) which aims to publish articles about group theories and practices.

Sheila McNamee (University of New Hampshire) was co-advisor at Laura’s doctoral research “Constructing care: relationships with health professionals in the discursive practices of people diagnosed with eating disorders”. The aim of this study was to understand how the use of different interpretive repertoire and social discourses participate in the meaning production about the professional-patient relationship. Also in the field of eating disorders studies, she published with professor Manoel Antonio dos Santos (Universidade de São Paulo) the book: “Anorexia and Bulimia: talking with families”.

In her current research, Laura focuses on themes of group processes, professional-client relationship in health care, dialogue facilitation and conflict mediation.

Some of her online articles:
1. SOUZA, Laura Vilela e; Scorsolini-Comin, Fabio. Professional relations in health teams: constructionist relational alternative. Sau. & Transf. Soc., 2011, v.1, n.3, p.37-46. ISSN 2178-7085.

2. SOUZA, Laura Vilela e; e SANTOS, Manoel Antônio dos. The social construction of a multifamily group in the treatment of the eating disorders. Psicol. Reflex. Crit. [online]. 2009, vol.22, n.3, pp. 483-492. ISSN 0102-7972.

3. SOUZA, Laura Vilela e; e SANTOS, Manoel Antonio dos. Family participation in the treatment of eating disorders. Psicol. estud. [online]. 2010, vol.15, n.2, pp. 285-294. ISSN 1413-7372.

4. SOUZA, Laura Vilela e; MCNAMEE, Sheila e SANTOS, Manoel Antônio dos. Evaluation as social construction: appreciative inquiry. Psicol. Soc. [online]. 2010, vol.22, n.3, pp. 598-607. ISSN 0102-7182.

5. SCORSOLINI-COMIN, Fabio; SOUZA, Laura Vilela e; SANTOS, Manoel Antônio dos. Construction of self in a support group for people with eating disorders. Estud. psicol. (Campinas) [online]. 2010, vol.27, n.4, pp. 467-478. ISSN 0103-166X.

6. SOUZA, Laura Vilela e; Santos, Manoel A. dos; CORRADI-WEBSTER, Clarissa Mendonça; GUANAES, Carla; MOSCHETA, Murilo dos Santos. Construcción Social y Salud: una entrevista con Sheila McNamee. Univ. Psychol. 2009, vol.9 no.2, pp. 573-584.