Monica Sesma-Vazquez, Ph.D.

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Monica Sesma-Vazquez, Ph.D.

Doctor in Psychology

Post Doctoral Fellow, Sessional Instructor, & Research Assistant at
Werklund School of Education
University of Calgary
EDT 316, 2500 University Drive,
NW Calgary, Alberta CANADA T2N 1N4

U of C:
Twitter: @monicasesma

Dr. Monica Sesma is a collaborative/socialconstructionist practitioner. She was born in Mexico City. She pursued studies (Bachelor, Master and Ph D) in Psychology, and has several specializations as an individual, couple, and systemic family therapist. She was a Professor in three Universities in Mexico City (Universidad de Londres, Universidad de las Americas, and Alliant International University) supervising and teaching postmodern therapies (Narrative, Brief, Solution Focused, Reflecting Teams, and Collaborative Therapies), New Paradigms in Family Therapy, as well as Qualitative Research Methods, in graduate programs.

Monica Sesma is at the moment a PostDoctoral Fellow, Sessional Instructor, and Research Assistant at Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, conducting her research under the mentorship of Dr. Tom Strong. Her research primarily focuses on examining accounts, narratives, and discourses around diagnosis and medicalization as these occur between individuals/families and professionals, within the therapeutic space, or in the “professional” literature and pop culture (e.g., Discourses about Diagnosis and Medicalization Project). She also investigates families’ and professionals’ discourses, conversations, and interactions around food, weight concerns, and appearance (Eating Concerns Project). Dr. Sesma moved to Calgary to explore the “whats” and “hows” of people’s conversations and dialogues around diagnosis and medicalization, and to study their local understandings and practices. She also studies how they perform their meanings and understandings in social interactions, and how these performances shape relationships and experiences.

In other, Dr. Sesma worked in the Mexican journal Psicoterapia y Familia as an Editor Assistant for four years and she is currently working as Spanish Translation Editor in the International Journal of Collaborative Practices ( and Reviewer for Families, Systems, and Health, an American Psychological Association publication

As a social constructionist oriented therapist and supervisor, she is part of the Grupo Campos Eliseos team ( She worked at the Clinic for Eating Disorders at Medica Sur Hospital and had her private practice in Mexico City before moving to Calgary, Canada.

A taste of her published work:

  1. Sesma, M. (2010). Pathways to dialogue: The work of Collaborative Therapists with couples. International Journal of Collaborative Practices:
  2. Sesma, M. (2010). The collaborative therapist in Mexico. Mexico Quarterly Review: