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The following is a list of institutions with which our work is deeply resonant. Click on any program's title for more information:

ACS International
Appreciative Consulting Services (ACS) International is a multidisciplinary consulting firm registered in Bangladesh as a Private Limited Company. It brings out a new era of consulting services to add values and to create sustainable impacts of what we can by its distinctive and innovative approaches.

Appreciative Action
APPRECIATIVE ACTION is a consultancy that uses strength-based practices for positive change and building resilience in teams, organizations and communities.

Appreciative Inquiry: a new way of thinking
Welcome to the Appreciative Inquiry Network - an Australian portal devoted to all matters relating to this growing methodology. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has been used in many contexts including the revitalising of organisations (Organisational Development) and facilitating generative responses to change (Change Management).

Appreciative Inquiry Centre for Excellence: Wilgespruit Fellowship in S. Africa

Wilgespruit Fellowship, in partnership with Case Western Reserve University (CASE), and the National Training Laboratories Institute (NTL) are launching an Appreciative Inquiry Centre for Excellence.

This exciting initiative locates for the first time within the African continent, a Centre where practioners, managers, leaders and those interested in understanding and facilitating transformation initiatives can acquire accreditation from those two world renowed U.S based organisations.

Appreciative Inquiry Unlimited
Appreciative Inquiry Unlimited is a global consultancy partnering with people to create healthy, hopeful and adaptive organizations and communities that live and work creatively in a complex and rapidly changing world.

ASPEC - The Academy of Senior Professionals
at Eckerd College, St.Petersburg, Florida - As part of the initiative on Positive Aging, the Taos Institute has collaborated with the ASPEC.

"Sharing Learning, Sharing Lives": From the Visual arts to the Culinary Arts, Philosophy to Bicycling, Religions and Faiths to Science and Society, Literature to Laughing Matters, ASPEC Study Groups enrich the minds, hearts and souls of its 300 plus members. We interact regularly with students and faculty of Eckerd College as mentors, colleagues, and friends. Weekly Social Hours at Lewis House on the campus and monthly events at local restaurants provide ASPEC members with the opportunity to socialize with each other and strengthen the ASPECcommunity. Whether you're interested in Computers, Visual Arts, Science and Society or one of the 44 other interest groups formed by members of ASPEC, there's something for everyone interested in learning and sharing.

Business as an Agent of World Benefit

The World Inquiry on Business as an Agent of World Benefit (BAWB) is a worldwide web of cascading Appreciative Inquiry conversations dedicated to discovering, appreciating, and uniting the new and the best in business with the task of creating prosperous inspired and sustainable societies that work for all.

Center for Narrative Studies

CNS is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to applying narrative theory to the practical renewal of leadership in culture and communities. Working with groups and organizations, we train people to become leaders by teaching them to understand the power of stories, to weigh the real effects stories have in shaping our lives, to apply narrative approaches to engage creatively with conflict and change.

Center for Social Constructionist Psychology Studies
This website is in the Chinese language and hosted by the Nanking Normal University. The creation of the website for this Center for Social Constructionist Psychology Studies in China was funded by the Taos Institute's grant program for Taos Institute Associates.

Citizen Engagement Initiatives

To support social and economic wellbeing for children, youth, families, and communities in ways that are equitable and sustainable. To build bridges among researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners as well as across sectors in order to facilitate knowledge mobilization, cultivate effective partnerships, and engage in meaningful action.

CMM Institute

Welcome to the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution website. The primary tasks of the Institute are two-fold: to help those of us living in the 21st Century shift our taken-for-granted view of communication as a tool used to exchange ideas and information to a more complex understanding of what we are doing whenever we communicate and what communication is doing to us; and, second, to use the tools and models of CMM to help make, among other things, more compassionate, transformative, and generative personal and social worlds.

Collaborative by Design

An organization and online forum for discovering and expanding practical and effective ways to foster sustainable and evolving prosperity for organizations and communities through collaboration and innovation.

Community Life Competence
This is the virtual community of the Constellation.Our focus on the site is the connection of Local Responses. Local Responses are "the actions that we, as communities, take to deal with the challenges that we face". In addition we have changed our language from blogs and discussions to Our Stories and Requests. Community of practice: http://aidscompetence.ning.com/

Cooperative Communication Skills Internet Resource Center

Free books, essays and exercises to help you encourage dialogue/resolve conflicts/prevent violence, work with family members in building a more cooperative, shared life, and communicate more creatively, successfully and compassionately. Email Dennis Rivers: rivers@coopcomm.org

Corporation for Positive Change
Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) is dedicated to the design and development of appreciative organizations - those capable of sustaining innovation, financial well-being and market leadership by inspiring the best in human beings. PC clients are executives and managers who recognize the value of employee involvement in the process of change. They are strength-based leaders dedicated to creating healthy organizations financially, socially and environmentally.
Corporation for Positive Change
621 Damascus Church Road
Chapel Hill, NC • 27516
919.942.6832 • 919.942.6833 fax
Email: office@positivechange.org

Practice Network (Dpn)

Dialogic Practice


DISPUK is the Danish Institute of Systemic Training, Supervision, Staff Development and Consultation, based in Snekkersten (Zealand) and Arhus (Jutland). It is a consultation and training institute, specializing in all aspects of relationship issues and communication.
Alan Holmgren, Copenhagen
Email: dispuk@dispuk.da

East Side Institute
The East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy is an international educational, training and research center for developing and promoting alternative and radically humanistic approaches in psychology, therapy, education and community building.

Executive Edge, Inc.

Executive Edge is the catalyst that transforms organizations and inspires people to reach their greatest potential TOGETHER. They do this by producing targeted learning experiences that engage people, empower leaders, and accelerate team development. The end result is a motivated, committed workforce. Jim Willis, President
46 Chagrin Plaza, # 147
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
Phone: 800-632-EDGE (3343) or 440-338-8308
Email: info@executiveedgeinc.com

The Family Centre

The Family Centre publishes on all areas of its work, contributing to research and policy journals, therapeutic journals, and popular media and publications throughout the world. Family Centre staff belong to a three tikanga organisational structure, made up of Māori, Pacific Island and Pākehā sections that reflect the cultural diversity of Aotearoa.

Family Institute of Cambridge

The Family Institute of Cambridge is a learning community committed to enhancing the well being of individuals, families, and communities by developing and disseminating effective practices of therapy and consultation. Our work is rooted in our core values of mutual respect, collaboration, and social justice.
51 Kondazian
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-924-4925
Contact: Dr. Sallyann Roth.
Email: info@familyinstitutecamb.org

Global Partnership for Transformative Social Work (GPTSW)

This is a world-wide, non-affiliated community of social work educators, researchers, theoreticians and practitioners interested in exploring existing and potential expressions of what might loosely be called postmodern thought, in particular the confluence of perspectives termed social construction.

Haslebo & Partnere
Haslebo& Partnere er et erhvervspsykologisk konsulenthus, der har eksisteret siden 1991. Vi gennemfører konsulentydelser, uddannelser, temadageog kurser ud fra systemisk tænkning, anerkendende udforskning og narrativ praksis.
Niels Andersens Vej 50
DK-2900 Hellerup
Tlf. +45 39620505
Fax +45 39620504

Houston Galveston Institute
The Houston Galveston Institute (formerly the Galveston Family Institute) is internationally recognized for its innovative contributions to the advancements of theory, psychotherapy practice and research, and to the development of creative contexts for learning, practice and research. It has distinguished itself for its unique developments in brief therapy and has been acclaimed for its Collaborative Language Systems Approach with its emphasis on "problem-organizing systems", the role of language, narrative and conversation in therapy, the not-knowing position, and the translation of these concepts into work with difficult life situations.
3316 Mount Vernon
Houston, TX 77006
Phone: 713-526-8390
Contact: Dr. Sue Levin
Email: admin@talkhgi.com

Imagine Chicago
Imagine Chicago is a non-profit organization that helps people develop their imagination as city creators. It offers everyone, especially young people, the opportunity to invest themselves in the city¹s future.
910 W. Castlewood Terrace
Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: 773-275-2520
Email Bliss Browne: bliss@imaginechicago.org

Innovation Partners International

Innovation Partners International (IPI) is multinational consultancy of senior practitioners passionately engaged at the intersection of Appreciative Inquiry and transformative change in whole systems -- be they government, education, for-profit or not for profit. We exist to make a lasting positive difference in the world.Our practice is focused on 'whole system' or 'systemic' AI (e.g., the application of AI to issues of strategy, design, implementation and evaluation, with a systemic view of people, process, culture and technology). By combining our capabilities we create and support organizations which increasingly operate at the nexus of social benefit, economic prosperity and ecological sustainability and the human spirit.
Phone: Jen Hetzel Silbert -- 401.782.6090 or Bernard J Mohr --207-874-0118
Email: info@innovationpartners.com

Institute for Creative Change

The Institute for Creative Change is dedicated to teaching practices that enhance thinking about people and change. We are guided by the social construction of meaning and the emphasis on language and relational systems.
7373 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite A-210
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Phone: 602-280-9505


Specializing in work with organizations and communities in complex collaborative situations, Inter-Logics has the experience and know-how necessary to deliver tangible benefits when it comes to critical communications, leading and managing collaborative projects, establishing public and stakeholder engagement, creating sustainable strategic partnerships, promoting rapid cultural change and crafting innovative multi-media interventions.
Murray Anderson-Wallace
Phone: + 44 (0) 113 224 9913
Email: info@inter-logics.net

nternational Institute On The Dialogical Self (Iids)

International Society For Dialogical Science (Isds)


Lessons in Psychology: Freedom, Liberation, and Reaction
A Descriptive Psychologist and Psychoanalyst's exploration of the behavioral logic of freedom, liberation and reaction. Short takes on the qualities that make us human: empathy, ethics, aesthetics, improvisation and play.

Narrative Approaches


Narrative Psychology Internet Resources


This guide provides a broad set of bibliographical and Internet-based resources for use in the study of narrative psychology and has been designed both as an Internet-available document for researchers generally and partially to be used within both an advanced undergraduate psychology and graduate-level seminar.
Vincent W. Hevern, SJ, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, NY 13214
Phone: 315-445-4342
Email: hevern@lemoyne.edu

Narrative and Conflict: Explorations of Theory and Practice
Narrative and conflict seeks to elaborate narrative perspectives of conflict resolution and conflict analysis. The premise of this perspective is the idea that stories are corporeal and interactive. They are more than reports of what is happening; how they are produced, circulated or circumvented gives shape to what people do.In addition, conflict resolution analyses and practices focused on intentionally facilitating shifts in the available narratives have the possibility to shift relationships between people or groups of people.Narrative and conflict publishes articles on conflict resolution and conflict analysis at local, national and international levels.

Narrative Therapy Center
The Narrative Therapy Center of the Mid-Atlantic was created to provide more resources for psychotherapists and others who wish to learn more and improve their Narrative Therapy skills. Inspired by the pioneering work of Australian family therapist Michael White and New Zealand family therapist David Epston, the Narrative Therapy Center will invite practitioners and teachers from around the world to share their work here in the Washington, DC area.

Narrative Works:

Issues, Investigations & Interventions
Narrative Works is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal committed to exploring the complex role of narrative in countless aspects of human life.

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD)
at: http://ncdd.org

RSS feed: http://ncdd.org/news/feed/rss
NCDD brings together people and groups who actively practice, promote and study inclusive, high quality conversations. NCDD is a vibrant network of over 700 organizations and individuals who, collectively, regularly engage and mobilize hundreds of thousands of people around today's critical issues, and NCDD's resource-rich website is a popular hub for dialogue and deliberation leaders.
Contact: Joy Garman
Address: 114 W. Springville Road, Boiling Springs, PA 17007
Email: ncdd@thataway.org
Phone: 717-243-5144

Horses aiding people to connect, collaborate and change

Now I See A Person   
What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy? Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is recognized internationally as an effective mental health treatment option for a multitude of mental health problems and diverse populations, including at risk youth and adolescents, adults, couples, families, the elderly and life coaching. EAP focuses on the animal/human relationship and the significance of the horse as a therapeutic partner in the relational endeavor. 
Contact: Susan Swim
71 W. Sierra Madre Blvd
Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Office: 888-736-1329
Fax:  626-355-5862
Cell: 626-487-9304
Email: Swiminc@aol.com

Open Dialogical Practices
by the Network of Dialogical Practices


OvationNet is the result of a close collaboration between David Cooperrider and the founders of iCohere, Pascal Kaplan and Soren Kaplan. The goal of OvationNet is simple: to provide consultants, change agents and organizations with leading edge capabilities in Appreciative Inquiry that advance AI practice in the field.
1220 Oakland Boulevard, Suite 210
Walnut Creek, California 94596


Peter Lang Foundation 2013
On this website you can learn more about the purposes of the Peter Lang Foundation 2013. You can learn about the reception, the activities, the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors and the next Ordinary General Meeting. You can also find out how you can become a member of the Foundation. You can find out how you make donations to support the purposes of the Foundation. You can also learn what you can do in order to contribute in the collection and preservation of documentation of Peter Lang’s career, work and inspirational influence all over the world.


Positive Aging

The Taos Institute is pleased to offer an electronic newsletter, Positive Aging. The newsletter brings to light resources‹from scientific research on aging, gerontology practices, and daily life ‹that contribute to an appreciation of the aging process.
Dawn Dole
Toll Free 1-888-999-TAOS
Out of the US 440-338-6733 (not toll-free)
Email: info@taosinstitute.net

Positive Change Core

The Positive Change Core is a leading provider of innovative services for the transformation of educational communities. It is a open, global group of change agents (consultants, teachers, administrators, parents, students, staff, etc) responding to the irresistible invitation to co-construct a positive future for young people and those who influence their lives. Their mission is to partner with schools and youth organizations to build on the best of what already exists and create the brightest, most imaginative future possible. They are dedicated to producing rapid,
Click this link to join in the conversation (Acrobat PDF Reader required).

Postmodern Therapy News

PMTH News is the newsletter for the Postmodern Therapies (PMTH) listserv. It contains many resources for those interested in postmodernism. The newsletter is no longer publishing new issues but back issues are available.
Lois Shawver, Ph.D.
385 Bellevue Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610
Email: loisshawver@sbcglobal.net

Join the PMTH listserv
currently host ("an online community for postmodern thinkers")
Contact Karin Taverniers, ktaverniers@gmail.com.


Program on Social and Organizational Learning, George Mason University

The Program on Social and Organizational Learning (PSOL) is an interdisciplinary academic unit within the School of Public Policy at George Mason University aimed at developing an understanding of "social learning," the way knowledge comes to be discovered and conveyed in social systems and organizations.
School of Public Policy
Arlington Original Building
Mail Stop 3B1
3401 North Fairfax Dr.
Arlington, VA, 22201-4411
Phone: (703) 993-1142
Leslie Metzger, Director of Admissions
School of Public Policy
Phone: (703) 993-8099
Email: spp@gmu.edu

Public Conversations Project

The mission of PCP is to foster a more inclusive, empathic and collaborative society by promoting constructive conversations and relationships among those who have differing values, world views, and positions about divisive public issues. The central objective of the Public Conversations Project is to avoid repeating unproductive debates and to develop new modes of communicating that lead to mutual understanding, respect, and trust. This reduces the costly effects of conflict and creates new possibilities for change.
46 Kondazian Street
Watertown, MA 02472-2832
Phone: 617-923-1216
Laura Chasin, MA, MSW
Email: info@publicconversations.org

Public Dialogue Consortium

We are a group of educators, consultants, and practitioners who promote high quality communication on public issues. We envision a world in which communication in the public sphere is humane, constructive, and beneficial to all.

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Kimberly and Barnett Pearce
807 Wharfside Road
San Mateo, CA 94404, USA
Phone: 650-574-7343
Kimberly Pearce at kim@publicdialogue.org
Barnett Pearce at barnett@publicdialogue.org

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Stephen W. Littlejohn, President
504 Luna Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-1930, USA
Phone: (505) 246-9890
Email: stephen@publicdialogue.org

The Qualitative Report

The Qualitative Report is an online journal devoted to writing and discussion of and about qualitative, critical action, and collaborative inquiry and research.
The Qualitative Report
ISSN 1052-0147
Nova Southeastern University
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314 USA
Contact: Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D.
Email: ron@nsu.nova.edu
Phone: 954.262.7055



FQS is a peer-reviewed multilingual online journal for qualitative research. The main aim of FQS is to promote discussion and cooperation among qualitative researchers from different countries and social science disciplines.
Contact: Dr. Katja Mruck
Freie Universität Berlin
FB 12, WE 09
Habelschwerdter Allee 45
14195 Berlin, Germany
Email: mruck@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Phone: 0049 / (0)30 / 838 - 55 725

Relational Bu
Relational Buddhism envisions Buddhist Psychology as a meta-view: mind is not gridlocked under-the-skin-in-the-skull-behind-the-eyeballs-in-between-the-ears but spaced in people’s interactivity; thus ‘we can’t share brain, but we can’t but share mind’…

The Relational Center

The Relational Center is committed to promoting dialogue for the purpose of engaging individuals, families, organizations and communities in social change through collaborative counseling, professional and public education, organizational consulting and community building.
5486 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323) 935-1807
Email: info@relationalcenter.org

Relational Constructionism
Welcome to this website, devoted to relational constructionism and related methodologies of inquiry and transformation. A relational constructionist or social constructionist thought style involves some very different ways of thinking about what it is to be a person, about knowledge, power, inquiry, organizational and community development and transformation or change work. My purpose in providing this site is to help interested persons to know more of this style of thinking and practice.

Relational Thinking

Today, the organizations that are part of our network help businesses change the way they work to get the best out of their employees, strengthen ties with investors and build trust between stakeholders. We are also actively working with policy makers and academics worldwide to highlight the benefits of good relationships and the pressing need for reform in the way we do business, policy and community life.

Remembering Practices.com
Remembering practices are a narrative approach to grief psychology that emphasize the ongoing story of relationship.

Research Dialogues
Welcome to this blog, my on-line attempt to articulate movement within a social inquiry project shared by fourteen Collaborative therapists from Scandinavia, USA, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. Response to the blog is always enthusiastically received at the following address: jdefehr @klinic.mb.ca

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel - Positivity Resources

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel - Appreciative Inquiry Resources

The Salem Center

The Salem Center for Therapy, Training, and Research is a home to clinical practitioners who are interested in developing skills that allow them to move closer to their hopes, dreams, and values in their work. We are committed to respect and accountability in our work with individuals, couples, families, professionals, groups, agencies, and clergy, who consult us for help with problems. Our professional training and programs for clinicians are based on Narrative and Dialogic therapy traditions, ideas, ethics, and practices. To learn more about these traditions, please go to our Mission page.
204 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970
Phone: 978-744-7162

Saybrook Graduate School

For 30 years Saybrook's goals have been the advancement of understanding human beings and the human condition, the encouragement of full expression of the highest human possibilities, and the furtherance of emancipatory values in individuals, communities, organizations and the world at large.
450 Pacific St.
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-433-9200


Servant Lawyership
Supporting transparent communication among stakeholders after adverse medical events

Sistemas Humanos
Human Systems Center Consulting is a system of ongoing training programs, training, intervention and care from a systemic and social construction in Colombia. We provide therapeutic care, development and management of projects from the systemic and social constructionist ideas.

Sistemas Humanos es un Centro de Consultoría Sistémica que desarrolla programas de formación, capacitación, intervención y atención desde el pensamiento sistémico y contruccionista social en Colombia. Ofrecemos servicios de atención terapéutica, desarrollo y gestión de proyectos desde las ideas sistémicas y construccionistas sociales.

SocioDynamic Counselling. A Constructivist Perspective
SocioDynamic Counselling was created by Vance Peavy, Professor Emeritus of the University of Victoria, former editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Counselling and a leading voice in the profession of counselling in Canada as well as in Europe, Australia and the USA.


Social psychology and social intervention
(Psicología Social y Socioconstruccionismo)

Welcome to this blog on social psychology and social intervention. Without wishing to be exhaustive we have attempted to gather information about this approach to social psychology. We invite you to enter all sections and participate with your comments and posts. If you wish to post on the blog write to jseguid@gmail.com and we will send an invitation. This website/blog is also in Spanish.

Social Constructionist Counselor Educators' Listserve

Are you involved in training counselors using social constructionist ideas and want to discuss these ideas with other counselor educators? Consider joining the Social Constructionist Counselor Educators' Listserve, moderated by Tom Strong and David Pare. For more information email: strongt@ucalgary.ca.


Duane Bidwell relates issues in religion and theology to social construction.

Caring for people - and thinking critically about our practices of care - are central tasks for pastoral theology. Bringing those tasks into conversation with the emerging culture is at the heart of Spondizo.

Featuring a lively and intelligent weblog, as well as other resources, the site facilitates spiritual care to individuals and communities by:
a. promoting theological reflection
b. highlighting resources for constructive theology, and
c. stimulating creative pastoral practice.

Offered in the spirit of public scholarship, Spondizo is written and published by pastor and scholar Duane Bidwell to advance dialogue in the church and the academy. The site was launched early in 2004.


The Virtual Faculty

The Virtual Faculty is a group of constructionist scholars working toward a global education program for psychology.
Contact: Andrew Lock

Department of Psychology, Massey University, New Zealand

University of Sheffield

Our mission: We want to understand the world and make it better.
Our vision: We want to be one of the best universities in the world.
Our identity: We were founded with the help of penny donations from Sheffield people.

Welcome to Wilgespruit
Welcome to our newly created website! Whether you are familiar with Wilgespruit from the past, or only come to know of us now, this website is our attempt to give you an idea of where we have come from and where we are going.