Janet Newbury, Ph.D.

School of Child & Youth Care 
University of Victoria 
P.O. Box 1700, STN CSC 
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2 

Email: Janet.newbury@gmail.com

Janet Newbury lives on Tla’amin territory, just north of Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.  She is a director on the boards of the Powell River Division of Family Practice, the Powell River Historical Museum and Archives, and the Sunshine Music Festival, and is involved in a number of other exciting community-based initiatives. She is also an instructor in the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria, where she completed her PhD. Her post-doctoral research explored community-based approaches to economic and social development, which informs much of her current work. She has more recently been involved in research projects around the development of a regional social plan, as well as life promotion in First Nations communities.  She has written extensively for both academic and popular publications on such topics as: substance use, social justice, relational practice, contextualizing care, qualitative research methods, post growth economies, and asset-based approaches to change within current political and social realities. Additional interests include food production and preservation, intergenerational civic engagement, and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Some of her non-academic writing can be found at the following sources:
• http://rabble.ca/search/apachesolr_search/janet%20newbury?filters=tid%3A13348 
• http://postgrowth.org/author/janet/ 
• http://www.policynote.ca/author/janet-newbury/  
• http://ijcyfsreview.com/ 

And here is a list of her academic publications, some of which can be freely accessed online: 


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Books – – –

Chapters in Books – – –

  • Newbury, J. & Vachon, W. (under review).  Community settings, outreach, and youth engagement.  In K. Gharabaghi (ed.).  Child and Youth Care across Sectors: Canadian and Global Perspectives.  Vancouver, BC: UBC Press. 
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  • Newbury, J.  (2013).  Situational analysis: Centreless systems and human service practices.  In K. Charmaz & A. Clarke, Grounded Theory and Situational Analysis: Four Volume Set.  Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.
  • Newbury, J.  (2011).  Contextualizing care: Generating alternatives to the individualization of struggles and support by considering loss.  In A. Pence & J. White.  Child and Youth Care: Critical Perspectives on Pedagogy, Practice, and Policy.  Vancouver, BC: UBC Press.  pp. 158-178.

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