Shoshana Helfenbaum, Ph.D.

Thornhill, Ontario

Shoshana is a leader, educator, advocate, innovator and researcher focused on relational practices for advancing the wellness of populations at risk with expertise in mental health, workplace health, leadership, and geriatric team care. She completed relational research at the doctoral level to articulate the role of relational education, practice and evaluation methodology on quality improvement in healthcare. Her professional designations include social worker, psychotherapist, gerontologist, clinical simulationist, Othmer neurofeedback practitioner, applied mindfulness meditation practitioner and caring clown. Her commitment to the flourishing and well-being of individuals, team members and organizations extends to curriculum consultation, instructional design and facilitation of corporate continuing education featuring relational learning on topics such as mental health awareness and psychological safety. As a psychotherapist, coach and volunteer, she also works with individuals, families and groups to invite and support growth and transformation through challenges such as living with neurodiversity, dementia and life-altering health conditions.