Sara Manisco Chapo, MSW


Sara Manisco Chapo, MSW, is a social worker and currently practices psychotherapy at a mental health center in the child and adolescent department. Her work and interests are in family therapy, systemic practices, and social constructionism particularly when intersecting trauma. She is currently specializing in Child-Parent Psychotherapy which is a treatment focusing on the dyad between a child within the age range of 0 and 5 and their primary caregiver. It focuses on exploring how the trauma and the caregiver’s history affect their relationship and the child’s developmental trajectory. She has trained as a Social Justice Educator at UNH and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UMUC.

Sara’s experience includes research work in the context of domestic and interpersonal violence. She is the co-author of an article published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs addressing the co-occurrence of and recovery from substance abuse and lifespan victimization for female residents in trauma-informed sober living homes. This project involved primarily qualitative research utilizing Heideggerian hermeneutic phenomenology to uncover relational themes and overarching patterns. 

Areas that Sara is interested in continuing to research include the process of making meaning of traumatic experiences by looking at the ways survivors integrate trauma in the narratives of their lives. She is also interested in exploring the role of language and culture in this process and looking into bridging her current work to an international setting, such as by working with the refugee population. Sara was born and raised in Italy and has spent the last fifteen years abroad.