Annette Munch

Albert Naurs Vej 22
8270 Hoejbjerg Denmark

Phone: +45 2337 3513

Annette is currently working with collaborative learning processes of relational leadership and management in practice, organizational development and developing the curriculum at the education of Leadership and management at the Institute.

In teaching and training she uses relevant theories to facilitate the student´s practice. We work constantly to find the right balance between theory and practice to the given context

The teaching and training program is based on the social constructionist understanding of relationships in organizational systems and connects with several different approaches of communications of meaning like Sensemaking (Weick), Social Constructionism (the Gergens), Narratives in Organizations (White), The Appreciative Inquiry and 4/5 D model (Cooperrider), Coordinated Management of Meaning (Cronen and Pearce), the systemic approach inspired by Anderson and reflective teams, Peter Lang and David Campbell´s theory of domains inspired by Maturana and Varela – and connected to Gregory Bateson as one of the basic thinkers of mind and systems.

Even though the Systemic and Social Constructionist Approach has gained rather solid hold in DK, many of the modern theories are considered basic and non-avoidable approaches in NPM/NPG and it is necessary to acknowledge this variety of multi-perspective analysis in decision making on the basis of several paradigmatic (eclectic) perspectives and discourses in order to support strategic and knowledge based reflections of action.

The team contributes to the way the welfare institutions are managed and thus the welfare of the citizens.

In our diploma executive education we link management to core services in the public sector.

We have a diversity of students: institution managers with a wide range of professional backgrounds ranging from professions as social and teaching (relational) and health care and nursing (evidence based science), to the more rational perspectives of engineering, economy and policy-making

Adhered to the diversity among the students, we experience in Team Leadership that they face the same management challenges. Challenges that are all about efficiency of the public sector, which for the individual leader is all about quick marketability and to create more for less.

In order to capture and work with this management challenge, we operate in Team Leadership with the concept of collaborative leadership and professional skills in collaboration with the citizen. It is a concept that managers can use to qualify leadership decisions by involving employees and citizens in e.g. qualifying daily practice and innovative processes.

Prior to the employment, Annette established her own company which offers independent researched based analysis to qualify and document use of professional knowledge social work practice.

Simultaneously based on teaching practitioners on diploma level and on a 3½ yrs. research project in social work practice (ph.d.-level), developed a Social Work Wikipedia to make access to research easily available for the practitioners – as way of reporting the result of the research project. The access to the website is free.

Annette has a Certificate of Systemic and Constructionist Approach from DISPUK.DK in 1991 and has been working from within the Systemic and Constructionist Approach in social casework, therapy, supervision, consultation, researched based analysis and organizational changes – and updated knowledge of Social Construction by participating in conferences, workshops etc.

Basically trained as Social Worker and practice from many different positions – including the political and Leadership and management positions in Public Service Annette have headed and participated in numerous

developmental experiments and collaborative interactions of inter-professional, -organizational and sector – policy issues ex. The Mentor Programme; The Mentor Education Programme, criminal prevention collaboration, curriculum of general social work education.

Her employment in the Ministry of Social Affairs included research based communication of knowledge, where she edited a book about using research in social work practice and wrote a guide to develop meaningful and relevant documentation in practice by practitioners.