Beth Meriam, Ph.D.

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Beth Meriam is an award-winning Change Consultant, Educator-Facilitator and Mentor-Coach specializing in life-affirming leadership, regenerative cultures, and transformative learning. Beth’s support helps leaders, teams, change-makers and individuals to connect with core human values, adopt new frames of reference, and cultivate the mindset, resilience and relational qualities needed to become exemplary leaders, innovators and influencers.

Beth’s work evolved from an immersive worldwide quest to find the most effective ways to catalyse positive change and optimize human potential. This dedication has provided a solid understanding of how we can release the immense and often untapped creativity found in the ‘heart of humanity’ to bridge differences constructively, renew our vital connections and transcend both differences and indifference. Her services are dedicated to co-creating a more awake, alive and authentic world, one wise and compassionate connection at a time.

Beth has designed and led leadership development and organizational culture transformation programs for a variety of organizations, including: the World Bank, UK HM Government Home Office, Airbnb, BNP Paribas, SWIFT, Unilever and leading business schools. Interventions draw on knowledge, insights and practices from the world’s wisdom traditions and cutting-edge contemporary methodologies, and are strengthened and ratified by a range of professional qualifications.

Beth’s contributions to leadership, collaboration and change have received numerous accolades, including 18 education, enterprise and social responsibility awards. Her 1998-99 investigation of leaders, culture, development and education in Ladakh won the James Littlejohn Prize (Edinburgh, 1999). She later received a Cambridge University ‘Honorary Student’ award for academic accomplishment.

Beth is a published writer, applied anthropologist, social development specialist and researcher. In 2001, she published ‘Culture’ Matters: Developing Ladakhi Education on the Margins of India via the University of Edinburgh, which was the culmination of an in-depth leadership and cultural change project. In 2006, Dr. Meriam was awarded a Cambridge University Applied Social Anthropology doctorate (focusing on leadership, identity, belonging and cultural transformation), which included two years of primary research while living and working with pastoralists on the Tibetan plateau. She continued her work as a Cambridge Research Associate between 2006 and 2009.

Ongoing passions include contemplative nature walks, long-distance pilgrimages, expressive arts and wellbeing practices. She loves inspiring encounters with people from our remarkable global family and sharing generative learnings on how we can best support each other to evolve and thrive, both individually and collectively.