Fran Urbistondo Cano, Ph.D

Emails: francisco.urbistondo@abigail-ainsworth,

Fran works with people labelled as having autism and learning disabilities in social care, the national health service and the forensic system in England. Fran is originally from Argentina and has previously worked in Mexico and Spain with autistic people, their families and carers.

As a counselling psychologist, Fran is also a PDSP course tutor and research supervisor at the University of Bedfordshire. His research is on the deconstruction of psychological narratives about people with learning disabilities and autism and promoting a relational model for social care.

Fran has launched a social constructionist informed network of online conversations about autism and neurodiversity in the Spanish-speaking world at and a website for resources for support workers in social care at Fran is also part of the systemic institute FundaCes Argentina and part of Lenticular Futures a training, research and consultancy community interest company based in Manchester, UK.