Lic. Silvia Susana Crescini

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54 9 1151334202

Silvia was nominated by Dr. Eduardo Cárdenas, ex Family Judge of the National Civil and Commercial Court, to train a team of social workers. For ten years, she developed an interdisciplinary working methodology with the participation of the judge, social worker and Court staff and professional legal party, that allowed her to design a work model for the psycho-social-legal interface as a dialogical practice, as well as the creation of an interlanguage among professionals from various disciplines. This experience was shared in numerous publications and included in the creation of a professional practice in the Psychology course of study at UBA, in which Silvia designed novel educational resources (1986-1996).

She acted as the teaching coordinator of the Professional Practice “Work with families in a legal framework”, Faculty of Psychology, UBA (1997-2012), and within this structure she carried out the clinical supervision of the Couples and Families Team at the Argerich Hospital. She was the coordinating teacher of the Update Program in Clinical Psychology with Systemic Orientation, Faculty of Psychology, UBA (1996-2003). Since 2019, she has been teaching Family Law: Psychological Practices in Forensic Psychology Specialization, Postgrad Secretary, Faculty of Psychology, UBA. 

Silvia was awarded the Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires Prize, “Developments and Contributions to the Investigations and Practices of Psychology for Public Health, Education and Justice in Argentina”. Her award winning work is the implementation of dialogical practices for prosecuted families (2016). She is the author and co-author of numerous articles dedicated to the psycho-socio-legal interface work as a dialogical practice and the interdisciplinary task that sustains current Family Law in Argentina, published in specialized books and magazines.