Marisa Japur, Ph.D.

Av Antonio Diederichsen, 400, room 1608
Zip Code 14020-650
Ribeirão Preto – SP, Brazil

Phone: +55 16 3019-1828
Mobile: +55 16 99221-4884

Marisa Japur is a Psychologist from the University of São Paulo (USP) with a MSc and PhD in Clinical Psychology from USP. She is a retired professor of the Department of Psychology and Education, USP – Ribeirão Preto. For decades she devoted herself to teaching and working with group facilitation. She created and led, with Emerson Rasera and Carla Guanaes-Lorenzi, the research group Práticas Grupais e Construcionismo Social, in the Lattes Database of CNPQ. She has trained MSc and PhD candidates and published dozens of scientific articles as a co-author. She co-authored, with Emerson Rasera, the book Grupo como Construção Social: aproximações entre construcionismo social e terapia de grupo. She was a collaborating professor at the Instituto Familiae Ribeirão Preto (SP). She was trained in Conflict Mediation by the Instituto Familiae, in Restorative Practices by the International Institute for Restorative Practices, in Collaborative Practice in Family Rights at the 1st Capacitação Internacional, promoted by the Instituto Mediare (RJ) and as a coach by the International Coaching Community. She is a co-founder, with Cristina Ruffino, of the ConversAções Institute of Mediation and Dialog Facilitation. This Institute was founded with the aim of working with human communication and conflicts from a constructionist perspective, in both private contexts and in the development of social work. It also offers training in conflict mediation. Recently, the ConversAções Institute extended its activities to include the training of Family Therapists, also from a constructionist perspective.

She has always loved teaching-learning relationships, dedicating special attention to the mediator and therapist training process. A work that describes part of her dedication is the joint authorship, with Cristina Ruffino of the chapter The mediator of conflicts formation from a social constructionist perspective in the book Social Constructionist: discourse, practice and production of knowledge, organized by Guanaes-Lorenzi, C., Moscheta, M., Corradi-Webster, C. and Souza, L. Published by the NOOS Institute.

She was recently a co-author, with Cristina Ruffino, of the chapter Conversations to Promote Conversations and, with the Instituto Familiae team, of the chapter The Creation of the Conversational Context of the Group in the book Social Constructionist Perspectives on Group Work organized by Emerson Rasera published by the TAOS Institute.