Mary M Gergen, Ph.D.

Mary M. Gergen, Ph.D., is a founder, board member and treasurer/secretary of the Taos Institute and a professor emerita of psychology affiliated with the Women’s Studies Program at Penn State University, Brandywine, Media, PA. She has positioned herself at the intellectual convergence of feminist theory and postmodernist thought, as a social constructionist. (Occasionally she gets run down, but the locale is intriguing all the same.) She has been involved in a great variety of the Taos projects, including conferences, organizational consulting and educational spheres.

Her publications include:

  • Feminist Thought and the Structure of Knowledge, (NYU Press, 1988),
  • Toward a New Psychology of Gender, edited with Sara N. Davis, (Routledge, 1997),
  • Feminist Reconstructions in Psychology, Narrative, Gender & Performance (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage 2001),
  • Social Constructionism: A Reader, edited with K. J. Gergen (London: Sage, 2003),
  • Social Construction: Entering the Dialogue, with K. J. Gergen, (Taos Institute Publications, 2004),
  • Playing with Purpose: Adventures in Performative Social Science, with K. J. Gergen (Routledge, 2012),
  • Retiring but not Shy,Feminist Psychologists Create Their Post-Careers, with E. Cole, editor, (Taos Institute Publications, 2012).
  • Paths to Positive Aging: Dog Days with a Bone, with Ken Gergen. (Taos Publications, 2016) 

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