Alejandra León de la Barra

Actuación Apreciativa para tu mejor escenario de vida.
Mexico City, México

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Alejandra León de la Barra has a Master´s Degree in Positive Leadership from Tecmilenio University. She has a Master´s Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in acting and stage direction, from the University of Iowa. Her degree is in Communication from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. She is certified in Positive Psychology by Tecmilenio University and has actively participated in courses and workshops in Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Coaching, wellbeing, happiness, resilience and Positive Identities taught by academics, researchers and internationally recognized practitioners.

Alejandra has guided students in their career choices, helping them discover their passion and working with their character strengths and Appreciative Inquiry. She has worked with groups of volunteers, parents, artists, entrepreneurs and communities using positive psychology interventions an Appreciative Inquiry.

From her experience in the creation and representation of characters in the theatrical scene, together with the scientific knowledge in Positive Psychology, especially in Appreciative Inquiry and coaching, she founded and directs her Consulting Firm Appreciative Acting for Your Best Stage of Life, where organizations, communities, groups and individuals are guided to discover their values and strengths of the various roles or characters they play in the scenarios of the systems to which they belong, awakening their ability to discover, dream and design their desired destiny by looking at their meaning and purpose of life appreciatively.

She also produces and directs her Television Program “Positive and Happy the Science of Wellbeing.

Alejandra has participated as a volunteer in several research initiatives on positive emotions, mindfulness, character strengths, gratitude and well-being. In addition, she is a member of the Mexican Positive Psychology Society (SMPP) as well as the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). She was invited as Regional Representative for Central and South America Division of Work and Organization of IPPA. She is a member of the Latin American Network of Applied Positive Psychology (RELAPPA). She also participates with the International Positive Educational Network (IPEN) working with Appreciative Inquiry.

In the near future, the GRACIAS community will open in Mexico City to provide research and interventions of Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry for the elderly.

Alejandra´s passion and purpose in life is to help others discover what has been better in the past so that it serves them as a motivator to generate a positive and sustainable change in their present and their future so becoming the best version of themselves in their life scenarios, and to flourish.


Co-author, Thriving Women Thriving World a book published by the Taos Institute