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Applications of Appreciative Inquiry | Jan. 26-28

Mon, January 26, 2015

Location: West Coast Center for Positive Change, Orange County, CO
Presenters: Tenny Poole and Ralph Weickel


This exciting, new workshop will teach you how to engage members of your organization at all levels, develop the optimum agenda and plan for a Appreciative Inquiry project, utilize team strengths and unleash organizational creativity. You will learn to use tools such as the Applications Matrix and Project Planning Template to guide the design of powerful appreciative engagements. You will strengthen your capacity in the basics of Appreciative Inquiry: to identify key strategic topics and develop questions that catalyze impactful conversations and sustain able results; to guide the creation of provocative propositions; and to launch highly committed innovation teams. You will also receive hands-on tools and utilizes case studies from healthcare, manufacturing, finance and government to provide you with the resources you have been longing for to further your practice of appreciative inquiry.

Applications of Appreciative Inquiry is a working clinic, a time for you and your team members to work on your projects and get help to ensure your success. It is an opportunity for you to develop implementation plans for your appreciative inquiry initiatives. You will leave this workshop with tools and a concrete plan for applying appreciative inquiry to a project with which you are involved.

This workshop fulfills a requirement in the Certificate Program: Appreciative Inquiry and Practice of Positive Change.

Registration: http://westcoast.positivechange.org/workshops-2/
Email: [email protected]