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The Bethel Summer Institute: An Appreciative Inquiry Colloquy | July 15-18

Thu, July 15, 2010

Location: Bethel Inn Conference Centre, Bethel, Maine

IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME! Come and join us for spirited learning at The Appreciative Inquiry Colloquy in Bethel, Maine – the first Bethel Summer Institute where we co-create a learning community full of conversation, deep dialogue, continuous discovery and broad networking with colleagues, AI practitioners and “elders.”
The Colloquy, convened by The NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science partnering with Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, will bring together participants in the NTL/Case Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Program, guest speakers, and all others who are interested, curious or enthralled about Appreciative Inquiry, including those working globally to create a positive change revolution, to share knowledge, practices and innovations under development in the AI community

*Colloquy = a conversation; buzz-session; chat; clam-bake; confab; conference; debate; dialogue; discourse; discussion; seminar; schmoose!

Who should come:
You! If you want to learn from the broader positive change community, share your own experience with AI or other positive change processes, and, build your network of positive change colleagues, this Colloquy is for YOU!

Why YOU?
Join us to expand our knowledge and practice of AI and explore other processes from the revolution in positive change!

  • Share ideas with others – bring your cases, offerings to share and/or attend learning sessions;
  • Connect and communicate with a wide network of people who share your passion for this work;
  • Help yourself and others to expand ways of thinking about positive change in organization development and to widen our understanding of what is possible; and
  • Become part of a large network of people committed to positive change as a generative and creative gift to the world.

Cost: $500 per person, this includes the lunches.

Where to stay:
Bethel and the environs offer housing in Bed and Breakfasts, group houses; the Bethel Inn, local motels, and hotels, and the Sunday River Ski Resort complex:
Additional information about how to find housing is on the NTL web site.

Registration:  Go to www.ntl.org to register today!
Alternatively: contact Amy Herman: [email protected]
For information contact Dennis Baird : [email protected]

To register:  
Go to www.ntl.org to complete registration form or to make a payment

For more information:
Go to www.ntl.org for more information
View the AI Colloquy 2010 Poster for more information