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Appreciative Inquiry for Organisational and Community Change: Principles, Practices and Application

Sun, June 1, 2003

Summer 2003 - present. This was a series of five 1-day sessions over a period of two months for people new to AI presented by Anne Radford and Mette Jacobsgaard in London, England. In this workshop, participants learned:


  • AI and organizational change
  • Theory of the affirmative organization
  • Value of continuity, transition, and novelty
  • Five Principles of AI
  • Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle
  • The Discovery Phase – Discovering the best of what is:
    - Topic Choice
    - Art of the AI Question
    - Data Collection
    - AI synthesis vs. Traditional synthesis
  • The Dream Phase – Envisioning what might be – the impact
  • The Design Phase – Co-constructing the ideal
  • The Destiny or Delivery Phase – sustaining the relationships to deliver the future