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The Collaborative Practice of Buddhist Psychotherapy with Life Demonstrations | April 10

Wed, April 10, 2013

Location: Taos, NM
Maurits Kwee

A pre-conference workshop in conjunction with the Taos Institute's 20th Anniversary Celebration Conference,
April 11-13, 2013.

Participants are invited to discover Buddhist Psychotherapy in the framework of Relational Buddhism which is aka "Karma Transformation". This approach aims at changing self-conversation, one's self-talk and other-talk, debouching in disturbing moods and scenarios of interpersonal emotional expression. The emphasis is on transforming intentional action, i.e. karmic self-dialogue, which is viewed as interdependently related to motives, feelings, and "relational being". The workshop will cover and explain a number of pan-Buddhist psychological core concepts and analogous cognitive-behavioral terms for an adequate understanding of the skillful art of zeroing in to clients' issues. In the context of a joint exploration which is (inter)action-oriented by demonstrating the collaborative practice of Karma Transformation through dealing with volunteers' inputs, there will be plenty of room for Q&A, deliberation, and discussion during the day.

The basic idea for the gathering is to share, embody, and infuse life in what is written in the book Psychotherapy by Karma Transformation: Relational Buddhism and Rational Practice to be found at www.taosinstitute.net/worldshare-books (downloadable free-of-charge or sent in pdf).

For questions, contact: [email protected]

Cost - General rate: $250; Student rate: $200. (After March 15th, add $50)

Schedule: Wed. April 10th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, lunch provided.

Register here: www.taosinstitute.net/register-20th-anniversary

For info on Relational Buddhism: http://relationalbuddhism.org

and facebook @relational buddhism, on Maurits Kwee: www.taosinstitute.net/maurits-gt-kwee-phd

and facebook @maurits kwee, and for more reading: www.taosinstitute.net/manuscripts-for-downloading