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Choosing the Positive: Leading and Living Appreciatively Every Day | October 13-14

Tue, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, 10/13 - Wednesday, 10/14

Target audience:
Managers, change agents and leaders who want to expand their capacity to live, work and lead more positively and more collaboratively.
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Ottawa, ON
Presenters: Joanne Daykin and Catherine McKenna

It’s a two day hands-on, learn-by-doing program that elevates individual and group strengths, while raising awareness around everyday choice points, behaviors, and actions that catalyze individual and group effectiveness to achieve higher levels of performance. This new workshop introduces the 5 Appreciative Capacities as a model for living and leading from a positive frame of reference. Using the Appreciative Capacities Inventory™ (ACI) you will explore the capacities in action as you:

  • Seek out and elevate your strengths and learn how to lift those of others.
  • Reframe problems in order to see, create and actively pursue opportunities.
  • Ask positive questions in ways that foster learning, connection and cooperation.
  • Strengthen your capacity to anticipate and achieve desirable outcomes.
  • Mobilize groups to engage in more participative and collaborative – even transformative – conversations that sustain - positive change practices over time.

As a participant you will:

  • Explore your strengths within each of the 5 Appreciative Capacities using the ACI assessment.   
  • Understand the connection between the 5 Appreciative Capacities and the theory & research behind  Appreciative Inquiry
  • Experience an Appreciative Inquiry into the 5 Appreciative Capacities to discover where they are already showing up in your - life and explore your wishes for living more positively every day.
  • Develop a compelling image of your future of living and leading more appreciatively.
  • Plan actions to bring the 5 Appreciative Capacities to life every day, in the workplace and beyond.

Trackable link: http://budurl.com/rxzb