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CMM as Spiritual Practice | March 12-13

Sat, March 12, 2011

Presenters: Kimberly Pearce and Barnett Pearce

Location: Vallombrosa Retreat Center, Menlo Park, California
250 Oak Grove Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025-2259; (650) 325-5614.
For a description, see http://www.vallombrosa.org/.

The Vallombrosa Retreat Center is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the Menlo Park CalTrain station. CalTrain connects San Francisco and San Jose, and to both cities’ airports. It is easily accessible by automobile. Taxi service from area airports is available but fairly expensive; van service is more economical.

Dates: March 12-13, 2011. We will be together from 9am to 5 pm (Pacific) on Saturday, and 9 am to 3 pm on Sunday. The Retreat Center provides meals and lodging: see information below about various registration possibilities.

“I think these two days with you have moved me more than any workshop I can remember---“moved” in the sense of touching me and also in the sense of “shifting” something in my thinking and in my intensions….”
-Workshop participant in London

“This workshop has changed my life…”
-Workshop participant in Denmark

“There are two great questions facing any society: How can healthy persons be developed? And, how can a healthy society be developed?”
-Abraham Maslow

CMM is the acronym for the “coordinated management of meaning,” a communication theory in the systemic/social constructionist tradition that addresses Maslow’s interrelated questions. This workshop will help you nurture yourself and develop mindfulness practices that increase empathy, compassion, joy and wonder of our social worlds.

“Spiritual practice” is usually understood as a turning within oneself through practices such as meditation or prayer. In this workshop, we expand that concept to include mindfulness of our social worlds using practices grounded in CMM, adult development, and the latest ideas from interpersonal neurobiology. These concepts and tools help us see how personal and social development are inherently reflexive.

The workshop itself is a combination of conceptual and experiential learning. Participants will receive a packet describing “spiritual exercises” leading to mindfulness of the social world that they can practice after the workshop.


Several registrations options are available, but all reservations must be made no later than February 10, 2011.

Register either by printing out and mailing the form below or online through PayPal at http://cmminstitute.net/seminarsandworkshops.html.

Overnight accommodations are limited and will be available on a first come first serve basis. We will notify you immediately if overnight accommodations are full.

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