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Collaborative and Dialogical Practices in Action | Oct. 25-26

Sat, October 25, 2014

through October 26, 2014

Presenter: Harlene Anderson

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Collaborative Dialogue: Ways to improve the RELATION through re-thinkING the position of the PARTICIPANTS and the process

The Collaborative Practices start from postmodern look, a new way of approaching therapy emerged in the twentieth century, revolutionizing many of the traditional rules and assumptions of positivism. They are inspired by social constructionism and are related to narrative therapy, reflection teams, systemic family therapy, solutions-oriented therapy, open dialogues.

Collaborative therapy comes from the hand of Harlene Anderson and Harry Goolishian at the Houston Galveston Institute (USA) and expands to practices in which two (or more) human beings are involved: education, organizational and community development, learning, and research. Are interested in studying how our theories and practices may be relevant in the lives of people in a changing world. How to participate in conversations, what types of conversations generates and open possibilities and what ingredients contain these relationships to transform the lives of consultants. The practice is approached as a process and a set of egalitarian conversation between consultant and professional.

The seminar / workshop is intended for professionals or advanced students of:

  • Therapy,
  • Work and social education,
  • Coaching,
  • The conflict mediation,
  • Social and community intervention
  • Education,
  • Intervention in Organizations,
  • Research.

Harlene is co-founder of the Houston Galveston Institute and Taos Institute and participate in collaborative practices training programs throughout the world .

In the context of the second Spanish International Certificate in Collaborative and Dialogic Practices in Spain we are honored to have the presence of Harlene virtually for the first time in Spain. She did not visit us since 2007. If at that time her work was very relevant, today she is a world leader through such practices, so this is a unique opportunity to see first hand the operation of the partnership and dialogue in action.

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