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Collaborative and Dialogical Symposium | Nov. 21-22

Fri, November 21, 2014

through Nov. 22, 2014

"Who is the expert here?"

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Main Guests:
Harlene Anderson
(Houston Galveston Institute, USA)
co-organiser and co-facilitator of the symposium; Non-expert approach

Tom Strong
(University of Calgary, Canada)
Resourceful recovery, social networks and practices

Sylvia London
(Grupo Campos Eliseos, Mexico)
Word by word changes the world: Challenging the language of bullying in schools

Loek Schoenmakers
Sustainable educational change through dialogue and collaboration

Peter Bullimore
(Hearing Voices Network, Paranoia Network, UK)
People who hear voices

Jako doma / Homelike
Social work with women without home

These days, experts are everywhere: in the books, on internet forums, in the offices, on TV, they even may come to our home or call us by Skype. BUT: which one to trust if their advices and recommendations differ or they are even contradictory? Or if we don´t like their ideas? How to decide what´s good for us?

Symposium Horizons 2014 will explore this everyday experience with the special focus on fields overwhelmed by experts whose advices are often contradictory: mental health, addictions, social exclusion and education. These arenas are not only crowded with experts but there is also lack of insider knowledge since the representatives of these groups are not heard or trusted enough.

The symposium will focus rather positively in searching for adequate responses in this seemingly messy situation. We will ask: How to take advantage of this multiplicity of voices? How to listen to ideas that might sound strange at first moment? How to build on them?

Who should attend: practitioners, students, educators and researchers, especially from the field of: mental health, addiction, social exclusion and education.

Symposium is a part of the international certificate program in collaborative and dialogical practice organised by Narativ and managed by Taos Institute and Houston Galveston Institute.

Participant fees:

Paid until June 30, 2014: 2100,- CZK
Paid until September 30, 2014: 2500,- CZK
Paid until October 1, 2014: 2900,- CZK
Price in case of active participation: 50% discount

How to apply:
Please visit http://narativ.cz/en/horizonty. There is a form at the end of this webpage to fill out.

Active participation:
We offer a possibility to actively participate in one of the main areas of symposium (mental health, addiction, social exclusion, education) and would be happy to discuss the format of you contribution beforehands. If interested, write your proposals for contribution at [email protected] We will make a decision about the contributions until September 20, 2014.

Symposium is sponsored by:
Centre for Collaborative Practices (Norway)
Mestringskompetanse (Norway)
Taos Institute
Houston Galveston Institute (USA)
Network of Dialogical Practices
Sdružení Práh (CZ)

Further information:
If you have any queries, use e-mail [email protected], in urgent situations call Pavel Nepustil (+420 777 916 280).

For more information visit http://narativ.cz/en/horizonty

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