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Collaborative Practices: Social Constructionist Inquiry & Implications for Practice | May 18-19

Sat, May 19, 2012

HGI Collaborative Practices Workshops

Presenters: Sheila McNamee, Sally St. George & Dan Wulff
Houston, TX

We will focus on modes of inquiry that blur the traditional distinction between research and social change (e.g., therapy, supervision, consultation, program development). To that end, we will redefine research as an everyday practice with relevance beyond professional, scientific communities. This workshop is a valuable
opportunity for students and practitioners engaged in research to engage in conversation about alternative modes of inquiry and what the process of inquiry, overall, can contribute to our daily lives.

  • Understand inquiry/research as a process of construction;
  • Recognize different research methods and analyses as discursive options as opposed to correct procedures;
  • Blur the distinction between research and professional practice;
  • See the critical value of engaging research processes as part of being a responsible practitioner.

Workshop Cost:

To Register:
Contact HGI at [email protected]; or call 713 526-8390 for more information.

This workshop is a component of a more comprehensive and intensive 120+ hour International Certificate in Collaborative Practices, offered by HGI and co-sponsored by the Taos Institute. It may be taken alone or as part of the certificate program. If you are interested in the certificate program please visit the website, http://www.collaborativecertificate.org/Houston_Galveston_Instit.html. The International Certificate Program offers practitioners around the world an opportunity to expand their knowledge and competency in collaborative practices. The International Certificate Program provides practitioners across disciplines—therapy, organization development, education and research--an intensive, in-depth study of collaborative practices based in postmodern-social construction philosophy.

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