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International Conference in Collaborate Practices and Human Centered Governance

Wed, June 27, 2018

through Fri., June 29, 2018

Relational Welfare – Relational Leadership

June 27 – 29, 2018

Aarhus, Denmark

In recent years there has been swelling appreciation of the results of seeing our private and professional lives through a relational lens. Indeed, we all flourish by placing relational process in the forefront of our lives with our friends, families and colleagues. This view has challenged the long dominant views of how we live and organize our professional lives, especially in the public sector. It is now widely accepted that leadership and public welfare must be rooted in relational practices. Such practices unleash enormous potential, and demonstrate great promise for the future of leadership and public welfare.

It is our pleasure to invite you, your colleagues and relationally sensitive practitioners and scholars, to our 4th International Conference in Collaborate Practices and Human Centered Governance. In the previous three years we have explored the practices of relational welfare with guests from the UK, Norway, Sweden, US and Denmark. This year we expand our focus to include practices of leadership. We have learned that relational welfare calls for a new orientation in leadership. The focus moves away from managing people into fostering productive relationships across silos and bureaucratic structures. It is a leadership that encourages innovation over stability, process over structures, participation over regimentation, and solutions over services.

Recent research among public sector leaders* indicates high agreement about the most present challenges in our modern society. Simultaneously, there is little coherence in how leaders try to engage with these challenges. For so many leaders and their employees, there is stress and frustration. We believe that collaborative practices offer a comprehensive and promising alternative to the dominant practices of leadership and public welfare of the last century. At the center of the relational approach is a fundamental shift towards a view of leadership and welfare as something we do together in collaborative settings, rather as something we do to each other.

For all the details, program, speakers and registration, see: http://relationelvelfaerd.dk/in-english/