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Constucting Worlds

Thu, August 20, 2009

Constucting Worlds

was held Thursday, August 20th -  Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 -  in Denmark –sponsored by the Taos Institute in collaboration with MacMann Berg with more than 180 participants from 19 different countries.


The Constructing Worlds Conference was an international conference held in Copenhagen - Denmark. It was truly an innovative and co-creative event, with a starting point in social constructionist, systemic, and appreciative ideas and practices, as they have emerged across a variety of fields. The conference was specifically designed to bring together professionals and students in:

  • Organizational leadership and change

  • The helping professions (therapy, social work, and counseling)

  • Teaching and Learning 

The Constructing Worlds Conference was organized with a mix of presentations, workshops and Open Space to provide maximum opportunity for sharing thought and experiences and learning new ways of praxis. With a blend of scholars and practitioners across these related professional fields, our aspirations for educational and creative outcomes are very high.

The Constructing Worlds Conference was a learning event with enormous potentials for the future. Systemic and constructionist ideas now move across domains of practice. New ideas and new change-oriented practices emerge in multiple venues. This conference provided a major means of sharing these ideas and practices across borders – of schools of thought, of professional life and of nations. Our hope is not only for mutual illumination, but for fostering new collaborative relationships, and an unleashing of creative potentials far into the future. Ultimately we hope that our collective efforts throughout the conference will contribute to life-giving relationships in families, communities, schools, organizations, and more.

Inspiring speakers 

We wanted to inspire, motivate and enable you to create better practices and theory through professional development, networking and through the most inspiring and innovative speakers and workshop facilitators.

Among many others you had met:

Kenneth Gergen, author of "the Saturated Self", Theme: Relational Ethics

Christine Oliver from University of London and Carsten Hornstrup from MacMann Berg, Theme: Systemic Leadership – Developing Organisational Reflexivity

Malene Dinesen from NovaBerg and Thomas Johansen from MacMann Berg, Theme: Innovative Evaluation

Sheila McNamee, author of "Relational Responsibility", Theme: Transformative Dialogue

Jane Watkins, author of "Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination", Theme: Developments in Appreciative Inquiry

Reinhard Stelter from Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Copenhagen, Theme: Coaching Psychology in Narrative Perspective

Mary Gergen, author of "Toward a New Psychology of Gender", Theme: Positive Aging

Harlene Anderson, author of "Collaborative Therapy", Theme: The Power of Collaborative Process

Dan Wulf and Sally St. George from University of Calgary, Theme: Collaboration and Community

For more information visit: http://www.macmannberg.com/Constructing-Worlds.aspx