An Immersion Program in Social Therapeutic

A 10-month online & residency program for performance activists and other social change leaders

Hosted by Eastside Institute
Date: October 2021-June 2022
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With deepening social, environmental and political crises worldwide, many who want to make a difference in the world are finding that they need new tools to make social change, to grow, and to develop their communities. 

The East Side Institute’s International Class is a 10-month immersion in creative and cultural approaches to human development, learning and social change. The course introduces and examines social therapeutics, a philosophically informed, practically oriented method in which human beings develop themselves while building the ensemble, group and community. Social therapeutics has influenced both the postmodern and cultural-historical, activity-theoretic movements in psychology, education, community and organizational development. And as a unique synthesis of individual and community development, social therapeutics has unlimited potential to reinvigorate social activists and reinitiate developmental social change. 

The International Class offers participants the opportunity to create a global support network, to engage the philosophical, political and psychological issues of their practices and to study as developmentalists.