The Taos Institute 2022 Gathering

Unfolding Dialogues: Relational Resources for Global Good

a week-long series of virtual, global events hosted on the new Taos Institute Online Community platform!

November 12-18, 2022

From the local to the global, how can social constructionist ideas and practices help us create and bring forward new ways of going on together?

Are you working in innovative ways in your local context?  Or, are you working in a local context and want to connect with others who are doing similar work, to learn and share together?

Come join us so we can open dialogue on how these local practices might be amplified and expanded for global good.

Given the global challenges facing us in this increasingly complex and potentially volatile world, there is a vital need for innovative ideas and practices of promise for our ways of relating. Social constructionist ideas and practices have offered new insights and inspired wide ranging practices addressing these challenges. This virtual Gathering, a kind of un-conference, will offer all of us the opportunity to share ideas and practices that bring insights and inspiration for addressing these challenges. 

Come join us online to share, explore, and co-create with practitioners, scholars and students from around the world as we generate conversations and actions for community collaborations through local and global resources.

The Gathering at a Glance:

Global Opening Event – November 12, 2022 – Hosts: Ken Gergen and Sheila McNamee – recording available!
Global Closing Event – November 18, 2022 – Hosts: Paloma Torres-Davila,

November 13-17, 2022 – Many Events will be happening in various time-zones and in many languages over these five days. You can choose how you want to participate: when/which time zone, which language, and which topics and formats.

See the full program and schedule and the list of plenary speakers and presenters.

Before, during and after – You will have an opportunity to be the first to join the new Taos Institute Online Community, a space to meet other participants, share your work, and start conversations on meaningful topics. More details to come!