International Summer Institute 2020

Presenters: Harlene Anderson, Sylvia London and Irma (Ñeca) Rodriguez 
Location: Hotel Posada de la Aldea, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Dates: June 21-25, 2020 (Sun-Thurs)

Harlene Anderson , Sylvia London and Irma (Ñeca) Rodríguez invite you to join them for a unique learning, bilingual-multicultural opportunity. Enjoy their warm hospitality and immerse yourself in exploring postmodern/social construction collaborative philosophy and practices with people from around the world.

Learn the heart and spirit of collaborative-dialogic practice- a philosophical stance: see and experience it in action. Have ample time for conversations with colleagues with participants from around the world.

The Magic Colonial Town of San Miguel de Allende was voted by Conde Nast Traveller since 2013 as the best city in the world, Hotel Posada de la Aldea provides an artistic, relaxed and aesthetic atmosphere; walk the town, shop, enjoy fabulous sunsets and cultural activities; networking, around-the-clock informal opportunities for conversations.

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