Participant Information

Welcome to the Taos Institute 2022 Gathering!

Thank you for joining us and over 200 participants from around the world for this week-long series of global, virtual events.

Below is important information to ensure that you have a smooth, enjoyable and enriching experience.

There are 4 sections:

  • Find the Program
  • Daily Global Connection Plenaries
  • Ways to Connect
  • Join an Event

Or you may choose to watch this 10-minute video tutorial.

Find the Program

Go to the Taos Institute Online Community:

Click on this website address:

Bookmark this page! Everything about The Gathering starts here!

Go to the Gathering group:

Once in the Taos Institute Online Community, on the left menu bar, click on Groups. Next, click on the Taos 2022 Gathering: November 12-18 group that appears in the list.

Go to the program:

Once in the Gathering group, there are several ways to find the Events in the program.

On the left menu bar, click on Events to view the full list.

Or you can search the Events by area of interest: on the left menu bar, click on Topics.

If you know the Title or Host, you can use the search bar at the top of the page:

Lastly, if you prefer to search by date, you can expand the calendar (from the Events page) by clicking on the “arrows” at the top left corner of the calendar.

Use the same “arrows” to exit the calendar view.

Let us know you’re coming!

You do NOT have to register in advance to attend an Event. 

However, your hosts would love to know how many participants to expect. Help us by opening up the Event page and by clicking “Going”.

Tip: this is also where you can add the Event to your own calendar!

Daily Global Connection Plenaries

With so many Events to choose from, we also wanted to be sure that we had times during the week for all of us to come together at least once a day. Look for the Daily Global Connection Plenary sessions in the program for Events hosted by Taos Institute Board Members and Associates and showcasing outstanding examples of relational practices around the world.

Be sure to click GOING and add them to your calendar.

Saturday Nov 12, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

An Earthshot Moment for a Relational Change – for Everyone and Every Organization on the Planet

with David Cooperrider, hosted by Ken Gergen & Sheila McNamee

Sunday Nov 13, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Context & Culture Influence Stories & Conversation…& Future Possibilities

with Shi-Jiuan Wu & Inés Sametband, hosted by Harlene Anderson, Sally St. George & Pamela Brett-MacLean

Monday Nov 14, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Relational Governance

with Ottar Ness & Hilary Cottam, hosted by Monica Sesma & Ken Gergen

Tuesday Nov 15, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Creating Futures for Vulnerable Communities

with Vicky Lugo & Marcela Losantos, hosted by Sheila McNamee & Paloma Torres Dávila (English/Spanish)

Wednesday Nov 16, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Dialogues across Divides

with Bill Doherty (Braver Angels) hosted by Ken Gergen & Diana Whitney

Thursday Nov 17, 5:00 am – 6:30 am

Research in Multiple Worlds

with Norma Romm, Francis Akena Adyanga, & David Gallant, hosted by Sally St. George & Dan Wulff

Friday Nov 18, 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

Moving into the Future with Relational Resources for Global Good

with guests from various regions of the globe, hosted by Paloma Torres-Dávila & Jeannette Samper

You can read more about Daily Global Connection Plenary guests and hosts here.

Ways to Connect

This year’s virtual event is hosted on an exciting new platform. In addition to making everything available at your fingertips and easy to navigate, it offers many ways to connect with other participants. 

Engage with hosts and participants now, during,

and even after the week-long Gathering!

Try one of the many ways to connect:

Event Comments: 

Below each Event, you can leave a comment in the “Share your thoughts…” area. Tell others why you’re looking forward to it, ask the host(s) a question, or continue the dialogue after the Event.

On the left menu bar of the Gathering group, you will find a chat that every participant in the Gathering can see. Tell others why you recommend an Event or just say hello! 

You can also see who is online in case you want to connect with someone directly. Read on…

Private Message: 

On the top right corner, near your photo, click on the bubble icon and then the + sign, to start a chat with just one person or a small group of people.

Within the Gathering group, on the left menu bar, click on Members to view the full list of participants to the Gathering. 

Click on a participant’s name to view their profile, contact information, and link to send them a private message.

Don’t be shy! Reach out to others, mingle, meet new people, tell hosts what you thought of their Events, and help us make the Gathering a welcoming and energizing online community.

Remember, you will have ongoing access to all of these features (and the connections you made) even after The Gathering is over!

Join an Event

By now you must be comfortable navigating The Taos Institute 2022 Gathering online platform. If not, click on the following link now and spend a few minutes getting familiar with the way to access the Gathering group and the Events: Bookmark this page so that you can easily access all Events! 

You may still be wondering “ how will I get the link to join an Event (meeting) when it’s time?” 

It’s easy. At the time of the Event, click on the above link, go to the Taos 2022 Gathering group, open the Event that you wish to join (see above for a reminder on how to find the Events) and click on Meeting Link just below the date and time. 

Important note about troubleshooting… 

All Event meeting links (Zoom, GoogleMeet, etc) are managed directly by the Event Host(s) and not by the Taos Institute team.

Should you have trouble accessing the Event, please message the Host(s) directly (and NOT the Taos team) by leaving a short comment in the “Share your thoughts…” field below the Event description.

Do you have everything you need to make the most of this exciting week of connection and learning?

Contact or message us in the Gathering online platform with any questions.