In Praise of Troubling What We Think We Know

A 4-week online workshop

With Dan Wulff and Sally St. George

Dates: Fridays, February 5-26

Time: 10:00 am – 12: 00 noon New York time (online meeting)

About the course:
This workshop will be a discussion format consisting of four 2-hour conversations using a social constructionist positioning to unpack and exchange ideas from readings and daily understandings of familiar concepts in order to reconsider the merits, utility, necessity, and potentials for continuation and/or change of those concepts. We refer to this deeper and wider examination with the verb, “troubling.” We have found that when we engage in such examinations or what we call, Research As Daily Practice with a team or group, we are able to create new possibilities, effective changes, and understandings for going forward.

Each 2-hour discussion is devoted to a different concept (e.g., “safe spaces,” “hope,” confidentiality/privacy,” and “freedom/rights”). We have chosen these concepts because they are currently very much a part of our daily lexicon and news and seemingly used in a variety of ways and situations.

Participants will be asked to do some brief pre-reading or preparation in anticipation of the discussion. Our conversations are designed to be a process by which timely issues can be discussed in an engaging and brief way.

Our time spent together will consist of an opening presentation/our “take” by Dan and Sally followed by group sharing from the reading and/or an experience, and then a discussion. We will divide into small groups if we need to or stay as a single group if that seems more useful. 

Each week will focus on a theme and readings to explore:


Week 1 – Safe Spaces
Week 2 – Hope
Week 3 – Confidentiality/Privacy
Week 4 – Freedom/Rights

Dan and Sally have designed this workshop to be an opportunity to talk about contemporary societal issues from a social constructionist positioning; conversations that bring relational ideas into contact with real-world situations.

Cost: $400.00 students, $500.00 general

Register at this link:

About the facilitators:

Sally St. George is a Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary, and a Family Therapist/Clinical Supervisor, and is one of the originators of “Research As Daily Practice.” Sally serves on the Board of Directors for the Taos Institute and is a Senior Editor of The Qualitative Report.

Dan Wulff is a Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary now developing a new community project called the “Impossible Cases Project.” His work centers on integrating research and practice. Dan is on the Boards of Directors for the Taos Institute and Global Partnership for Transformative Social Work and is a Co-Editor of The Qualitative Report. 

Cancellation Policy:
50% refund for any cancellations up to four weeks before the course starts. 25% refund for any cancellations up to two weeks before. No refunds after the course starts.