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Appreciative Inquiry: A Workshop for Those Engaged in Organization Transformation | Sept. 13-16

Mon, September 13, 2010

A Workshop for Leaders and Consultants Engaged in Organization Transformation

Location: Carmel, California (Monterey Bay)
Presenters: David Cooperrider and Frank Barrett


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Email:  [email protected] or call Jodi Hayes at 831-625-3606

In this workshop Dr. Frank Barrett and Dr. David Cooperrider introduce the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry -- a consulting process which grows out of social constructionist thought and its applications to organization transformation. Special attention will be given to the power of positive questions; the simultaneity of inquiry and change; the function of narrative and metaphor in human systems transformation; how to deal with spiraling vocabularies of human deficit, how to create alignment across functional, generational, cultural and technical boundaries; and how to build global organizing capacity to meet the challenges of the next millennium.

Key steps for undertaking Appreciative Inquiry will be presented and practiced: Topic Choice, Appreciative Interviewing, Crafting Provocative Propositions and Creating and Sustaining an Appreciative Organization Culture. Focus will be placed on specific applications of Appreciative Inquiry including: Large Scale Change, Leadership Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Employee Involvement and Satisfaction, and Personal High Performance. Illustrations of this constructive approach to organization transformation will be drawn from work with small and large corporations, with communities, and with international organizations addressing global issues of transboundary concern.

Participants will have opportunities to practice key steps in the Appreciative Inquiry Process, to work through case examples of actual Appreciative Inquiry consulting projects, and to develop strategies for introducing Appreciative Inquiry to their organizations.