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Appreciative Inquiry Designing Experience-Based Learning | April 16-20

Mon, April 16, 2012

Title: Appreciative Inquiry Designing Experience-Based Learning: Design Strength-Based Change Interventions
Dates: April 16 to 20, 2012
Presenters: Maureen McKenna

Location: Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden Buckinghamshire, UK

As the speed of change seems to accelerate around us the imperative to increase our agility as facilitators grows stronger. Living, using and applying Appreciative Inquiry to facilitate change never required more creativity than now.

Building on what participants already know about Appreciative Inquiry and designing change processes, this workshop will extend your knowledge, skills and talents, enabling you to design and facilitate in increasingly inventive and innovative ways. This programme holds the key to mastery in the field of designing learning and change interventions in and across organizations.

Participants will enjoy learning through activities that include: identifying client needs; creating and designing activities to respond to these needs; responding to new needs and developments in the moment as they emerge.

Workshop Goals

Participants will enjoy takeaways like:
• A renewed confidence in applying the AI approach to designing experience-based learning and change.
• A new comfort and agility in experimenting with different and new designs and interventions.
• The creation of a plan for their own real time projects.
• Expanded skills and talents as masterful AI consultants and change facilitators.

Developed over several years, this workshop is based on learning by experience, enabling participants to facilitate their clients to create unimaginable change with AI.

For further information and to register: https://innovationpartners.com/workshops-and-events/workshop-schedule/ai-designing-experience-based-learning.aspx