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Exploring the End of Knowing, a webinar with Sugata Mitra & Lois Holzman

Sun, June 23, 2019

Time: 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time
A Webinar

Registration: $45; Student/Low Income: $25
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At a time when the world’s knowledge is but a few clicks away, knowing is becoming obsolete. What, then, becomes of education? What are the possibilities this opens up for what it means to learn and to teach? Join Holzman and Mitra as they explore common ground between Mitra’s Self Organized Learning Environments and Holzman’s Non-knowing Growing. Get in on the conversation on problems with the knowing paradigm and what works in education (and what doesn’t).

About the presenters:

Sugata Mitra is famously known for his “Hole in the Wall Project,” (for which he won the TED Prize in 2013), which explored how street kids in Delhi organized themselves to answer complex questions using a computer left for them in the wall. A theoretical physicist by training, Mitra turned to the cognitive sciences and educational technology as a faculty member at the University of Newcastle, where he advanced his seminal discovery of Self Organized Learning Environments. Passionate in his efforts to overthrow arcane pedagogies, he envisions a “minimally invasive” role for educators in a post-Enlightenment era where technology has made 'knowing' obsolete. His books include: Beyond the Hole in the Wall and The Future of Learning. His latest book 'The School in the Cloud' is expected in September 2019.

Lois Holzman is the Institute’s co-founder and chief organizer of the biennial Performing the World conference and community. Over 40 years, she has grown grassroots organizations that engage poverty and underdevelopment using the transformative power of performance. A developmental psychologist, renowned Vygotskian educator, and activist researcher and scholar, she has authored 10 books including Schools for Growth: Radical Alternatives to Current Educational Models; the crowd-sourced The Overweight Brain: How Our Obsession with Knowing Keeps Us from Getting Smart Enough to Make a Better World; and (with Fred Newman) The End of Knowing: A New Developmental Way of Learning. She blogs at A Psychology of Becoming, Psychology Today, and Mad in America.

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