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The Foundations of Appreciative Engagement | October 10

Mon, October 10, 2011

Jackie Kelm
Location: Virtual - In Your Own Home!

Join me for 8 weeks to discover how to:

  • Seamlessly integrate the principles of Appreciative Inquiry into any work situation or relationship
  • Transform problems with a new appreciative solution process
  • Re-frame negative work experiences & relationships appreciatively to handle them more effectively & successfully
  • Use visualization in novel and deliberate ways to accelerate change
  • Tap personal inspiration rather than discipline to move forward in stuck areas
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs of competition and scarcity to harness the power of abundant and generative thinking
  • Construct appreciative questions throughout your day to accelerate results and build relationships
  • Become happier in your personal life by developing a natural appreciative outlook
  • Be on the cutting edge of the latest thinking in Appreciative Inquiry

What is Appreciative Engagement?

It’s embedding the principles of Appreciative Inquiry into the day-to-day work and relationships of an organization, which results in a fully engaged workforce. While Appreciative Inquiry tends to focus on large-scale change using the 4/5-D cycle, Appreciative Engagement focuses on smaller scale interventions at the level of the individual and team using new models and approaches. If you have taken Appreciative Inquiry workshops in the past, you will find very little overlap with what is presented here.

For more information & to Register:

Visit the webpage: http://www.AppreciativeLiving.com/foundationsAE
Phone: (800) 214-0959 or (843) 881-1106
Email: [email protected]

This workshop qualifies for credit for Appreciative Inquiry Engagement Certification.
To learn more visit our certification webpage at: http://www.AppreciativeLiving.com/certification