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Appreciative Inquiry for Strategic Planning: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change | Feb 6-9

Mon, February 6, 2012

Presenters: Tony Silbert and David Shaked
Location: London, UK

Organizations today are faced with an ever increasing rate of change. This requires organizational agility, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and opportunities, and decision making at every level that aligns with the strategic direction of the organization.

It is well known that people are more committed to decisions and actions in which they have been involved - including the development and implementation of strategies and plans for an organization.

Appreciative Inquiry Strategic Planning (AISP) offers an alternative to traditional strategic planning and has produced excellent results in industry, non-profit organizations, communities, universities and governmental bodies. AISP is a high involvement process that engages the entire organization in meaningful dialogues to create a shared and energizing plan for the future of the organization, a plan that each person is committed to, and in which everyone understands how their own work contributes to the success of the whole. This course is experience-based and will include practical exercises in addition to theory presentations.

Take your knowledge and experience in the area of AI to the next level by learning how to apply the AI principles, models and practices to strategic planning

Workshop Goals:
This in-depth workshop will cover both the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry Strategic Planning.

Workshop participants will learn how to:

• Apply AI principles to strategic planning (e.g. SOAR)
• Adapt AISP to the specific needs of the organization
• Facilitate an environmental scan or trend analysis
• Shift from “creating a plan” to an ongoing process of planning, executing and adapting
• Build internal capacity by training and working with internals to carry the work forward
• Stimulate innovation, creativity and collaboration
• Minimize resistance to change and maximize support and energy for moving forward by combining an AI summit in the AISP process
• Align organizational elements to support the strategic direction (may include structure, systems, processes, policies and culture)
• Work with organizational leaders and sponsors to effectively support AISP
• Use AISP to build or strengthen relationships within and between units and, when appropriate, with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders

Developed over several years, this workshop uses an experience-based model that prepares leaders and managers to use AI in developing and executing their organizations’ strategies and plans. It also supports AI consultants working with clients on strategic planning and other large-scale change interventions.

For further information and to register: https://innovationpartners.com/workshops-and-events/workshop-schedule/ai-for-strategic-planning-london-uk.aspx