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Igniting Innovation & Sustaining Positive Change: Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry | Oct. 15-

Mon, October 15, 2012

Presenters: Maureen Mckenna

Location: Regina, SK, Canada

Your organization’s success hinges on its people’s capacity to innovate, to connect diverse (even opposing) ways of thinking in ways that spur bursts of creative genius, leading-edge design, and strengthened partnerships for swift, solid, dependable implementation.

Innovations in design, process, strategy, structure and culture are deeper and faster when engagement is collaborative and strength-based - when people and teams focus on the positive (what it wants more of), versus weaknesses and deficits to be blamed or avoided.

This workshop is for leaders, teams, and change agents that want to spark engagement and innovation in their organizations and communities. It is a foundations in Appreciative Inquiry (AI), an approach, philosophy, and process for igniting innovation through strength-based inquiry and high engagement.

Workshop Goals

Working with top leaders in the field, you will learn about:
• Designing high engagement change initiatives that spark commitment and innovation.
• The art and science of crafting positive questions that ignite discovery, connection, and knowledge sharing.
• Recent case studies and lessons learned from applying AI in health care, finance, IT, professional services, government, education, social services, and international development.
• Critical first steps for applying these concepts and tools to your own projects and back home organization.

For further information and to register: https://innovationpartners.com/workshops-and-events/workshop-schedule/igniting-innovation-sustaining-change-regina.aspx