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Communication, Collaboration and Relationships: Constructive Innovations in Organizations

Thu, April 19, 2018

through Fri, April 20, 2018

An international Social Constructionist Conference in The Faroe Islands

April 19 -20,  2018 

Hotel Føroyar, Faroe Islands

The aim of this conference is to mobilize the expertise, wisdom, and creativity of teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, psychiatrist, therapists, social workers, leaders, scholars, researchers, consultants, politicians, decision makers, businesses and others with interest in the topics.

The overall purpose of this conference is:

  • To increase the motivation and the joy of learning, teaching, leading and serving.
  • To bring public services (such as education) into synchrony with emerging world conditions.
  • To increase motivation and collaboration in organizations with a focus on purpose.
  • To ensure welfare and life quality for all, regardless of ability or need.
  • To increase the opportunities for everyone to make use of their full potential.

By sharing, exploring and creating new ways of learning together we wish to strengthen relationships and communication and thus enhance the functioning and development of the organization outcome.

At the conference we will share and learn from existing practices and establish networks for inspiring and expanding learning life in institutions and organizations.

Most organizations around the world are still based on principles emerging during the industrial revolution and maintain an individualistic and deficit-focused language and method.

In the contemporary context of global flows of information, innovation and change, the industrial view fails to engage the interests of stakeholders, the enthusiasm of professionals, or the needs of leaders and employees.

The challenges we now face on a worldwide scale desperately call for communication, collaboration and strong relationships. Together we need to create motivation, energy and encourage creativity and innovation relevant to our times.

Together we can make a difference!

The conference offers workshops focusing on:

  1. Leadership and management in private and public organisations: Professional leaders, managers and administrators across a series of private and public organisations. 

  2. The social sector: Professionals in public welfare institutions such as elderly care, social workers, libraries, citizens councils, cultural institutions, leisure clubs and volunteer organizations.                                                             

  3. The educational sector: Professionals in pedagogical and educational institutions such as schools, high schools, special educational schools and daycare institutions.

  4. The psychological/health sector:  Professionals in psychiatric institutions, mental healthcare, family therapy, social-pedagogical care, child psychiatry, child protection and the like.

The main focus is working collaboratively towards strengthening relational and communication practices with inspiration from social constructionism.

For all the details, program, speakers and registration, see: www.faroeconference.com