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International Learning Festival | April 13-15

Wed, April 13, 2016

through Fri, April 15, 2016

Location: Oslo, Norway

“Inspiring learning life” is an attempt to mobilize expertise, wisdom, and creativity existing among students, teachers, researchers, leaders, businesses, opinion makers, NGO´s etc. throughout the world in the service of sharing, exploring and creating new ways of learning together.

We want to learn from already existing practices and establish networks for inspiring and expanding learning life. The movement starts now and in April 2016 we are launching a festival where participants can meet face to face. After the festival we will share the insights, establish and support networks to continue the work.

Most schools and organizations around the world are still based on principles emerging during the industrial revolution and frozen in an individualistic language and focus. In the contemporary context of global flows of information, innovation and change, the industrial view fails to engage the interests of students, the enthusiasm of teachers, or the needs of leaders and employees. Both the methods and content from the classroom are increasingly irrelevant to contemporary life. Costs are growing and the utility recedes. Drop-outs and medications are increasingly common.

In our view the challenges we now face requires collaboration. Together we need to create motivation, energy and encourage creativity and innovation relevant to our times.

The overall purpose of this movement:

  • To increase the motivation – and indeed the joy – of learning and teaching.
  • To bring education into synchrony with emerging world conditions.
  • To ensure education for all, regardless of ability or need.
  • To increase the opportunities for everyone to make use of their full potential.
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Sponsored by: Lent Consulting, The Taos Institute and Arbeidsinstituttet Buskerud