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International Learning Festival: The Future is Now! | June 4-6

Tue, June 4, 2019

through Thurs, June 6, 2019

The Future is Now!
International Learning Festival, the Netherlands -
Part 3 of an ongoing series.  

Date: June 4-6, 2019
Location: Hogeschool De Kempel, Helmond, The Netherlands
Presenters: The Youth, Kenneth Gergen, Rachel Bolstad, Monique vd Heijden, & Loek Schoenmakers

Hogeschool De Kempel, Helmond, The Netherlands, is happy to host the conference The Future is Now! in partnership with The Taos Institute (USA) and UngInvest AIB (Norway) on the 5-6th of June 2019.

This conference was an International Learning Festival. Sharing, exploring and creating new ideas and practices, and dedicated to the welfare of our youth in our educational systems. The pace of life continues to quicken. New ideas, innovations, movements, and challenges rapidly circle the globe. New technologies transform the landscape of cultural life. Our children and youth live in an unprecedented swirl of information, opinion, and values.

The need for re-thinking education has never been more critical. Yet, our educational institutions remain largely fixed to ideas of a century ago. How can we prepare our children and youth for the future, when the future is now? A spirit of collaboration will be invited as we explore how education might flourish in the 21st century world.

How can we transform our education in ways that the relation dimension becomes the center of learning, teaching and change processes in our schools? The ILF has been a great success. Many different presenters from The Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Uk, Norway came with inspirational real life stories. They are reconstructing their educational systems for our Youth, the Future and show that the Future is Now. it is possible to co create meaningful education.

New connections were made between presenters and participants and they all have experienced the conference as highly inspirational. New ideas are born.....


For more information:  https://www.kempel.nl/brochures/flyerilf-engweb/index.html#p=1

Hogeschool de Kempel:
Hogeschool De Kempel is a small-scaled university of applied sciences with the aim to educate and professionalize teachers in primary education. De Kempel works in close cooperation with eight other universities of applied sciences to combine and improve knowledge in the fields of educational development and practice-oriented research. This partnership is called Radiant Lerarenopleiding (Teacher training).
In 2019 De Kempel will turn 150 and for the fourth year in a row we may call ourselves the best pabo of the Netherlands (based on student- and expert assessments and performance). We feel delighted to celebrate this with our students and all our colleagues in education: regional, national and international. De Kempel aims to educate students with courage and therefore we invite you to join us in building the current education. As our theme states there is no time to waste: 'The Future is Now'.