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LEAD from Your Strengths: A Simple Way to Address Daily Challenges and Opportunities | March 7

Mon, March 7, 2011

Location: Washington, DC
Target Audience: This one-day program is for leaders at all levels who want to rediscover and reconnect with their strengths and help their team members do the same. You will leave with an energizing planning tool and a process for using your strengths and engaging the strengths of others everyday!
Workshop Leader: Ada Jo Mann

A simple, yet profound and results-focused planning tool designed to unleash the best of what each of us already knows to create rapid, positive change and inspired action for individuals and teams from the board room to the village council.

A four-step planning process that draws on the findings and principles of Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Intelligence, Positive Psychology and the Strengths Movement.

Clarify what it is you want to work on together. Then identify relevant skills and successful experiences you can build on as you move forward.

Focus on your collective strengths as a starting point for envisioning the impact and “Positive Potential” you want to achieve.

Consider all possible innovations, new structures, policies, attitudes, etc. you will need to create or change.

Identify key players to enlist and influence.

Take action! Create your joint “TO DO” list for each innovation, new structure, policy, action, etc

LINK: http://www.innovationpartners.com/WorkshopsandEvents/WorkshopSchedule/StrengthBasedPlanning.aspx