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Pathways to Publishing: a Workshop | March 31-April 1

Thu, March 31, 2011

Canceled. Will be rescheduled. For more information or to pre-register email [email protected].

Identifying the Tools, Regimens and Processes of Writing for the Academic and Practitioner Scholars

Location: Southfield, Michigan


Jackie M. Stavros, EDM, Associate Professor, Lawrence Technological University & Editor for Taos Institute Publications Focus Book Series

Jane G. Seiling, PhD, Senior Editor, Taos Institute Publications Focus Book Series

Academics and practitioners are faced with the need to research and write in order to succeed, whether at the academic level or as a tool for legitimacy at the practitioner level. This is a daunting challenge. The presenters of this workshop have been publishers in journals and writers and editors of books for the last decade. It is their goal to share their experience and techniques with the academic and practitioner who wish or must write in ways that provide opportunities for acceptance by those judging their writing as acceptable for publication.

The experience of the presenters is that writing can change your life—for the better, both in credibility, tenure, and self-worth. You must take the first step on the journey by gaining the confidence and energy to start.

Course Description:
This two-day workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The benefits and need to write a dissertation, in journals and book form
  • The challenges of writing for practitioner and academic journals
  • The process of starting with a research statement of purpose, series of questions and an outline for writing
  • The experience of writing with a partner (co-writer)
  • The differences between dissertation writing, journal writing and book writing
  • The process of locating a journal or publisher for a book or book chapters
  • The tools and techniques significant to writing for acceptance

This course provides a framework and tools to put your words on paper in academic and/or practitioner language. Students will be introduced to research and writing as a process. You will hear about competencies, principles and skills necessary to start or maintain your journey in writing, whether it is in writing your dissertation, writing for journals, or writing an innovative book.

For more information and to register, contact either:
Dr. Jackie Stavros, [email protected] (248-204-3063)
Dr. Jane Seiling, [email protected] (419-236-8455)