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Performance by Design | Oct. 29

Fri, October 29, 2010

Performance by Design: Building a Strength-Based Culture

Target Audience:  Leaders, staff specialists and others who have responsibility for elevating organizational performance and employee engagement through innovation in how people work together, the work they do and the organizational environment that supports them. Everyone interested in enabling people to align their strengths in ways that make their weaknesses irrelevant.
Time: 8:30 am to 5 pm
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Presenters: Bob Laliberte and Bernard Mohr

What if….

  • All the capabilities, resources and opportunities your organization has were more effectively used in achieving your core mission?
  • Your people were more fully engaged and playing to their strengths more frequently?
  • Your culture, systems and daily practices systematically enabled people to use their strengths in ways that made their weaknesses irrelevant?

This learn-by-doing workshop provides an understanding of the steps, methods and success factors in the Strength-Based Culture Design (SBCD™) process. SBCD™ is a participative approach to implementing the designed environment (roles, responsibilities, structures and systems) necessary to support a new model of collaboration and innovation.

Participants will practice using the Strength-Based Culture Design (SBCD™) process to transform a traditionally designed organization into one which achieves higher performance by bringing out the best in people through leveraging the capabilities and assets they already have.

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