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Play with Purpose: Relational and Performative Practices in Everyday Life

Fri, February 5, 2010

Play with Purpose:
Relational and Performative Practices in Everyday Life

Click here for brief summary of the seminar at sea along with a few pictures.

A Seminar at Sea

February 5-10, 2010

Play - Learn - Innovate - Perform..key themes for this event. In all our relations we must improvise. When we do it well, there is joy, harmony, and vitality. Rational planning is replaced by skills akin to creative play. Developing and enhancing these resources was the aim of this event.

What better setting for such explorations than an ocean cruise! Participants created practices for effective improvisation in a wide range of contexts - including psychotherapy, organizational development, education, community building, and personal life. We  explored the ways in which theater, music, humor, movement, art, storytelling and other play/full activities can inspire and transform our relationships. Under the canopy of social constructionist theory, we engaged in multiple activities designed to enhance both conceptual consciousness and relational skill. "Playshop" sessions will give participants a rich opportunity to put performative ideas into practice.

This exciting gathering was co-sponsored by the Houston Galveston Institute and the Taos Institute. We met on a Carnival cruise ship, sailed from Galveston, Texas and made stops at Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico. We called this a "seminar at sea." Seminar at sea sessions took place on board the ship and in Progreso; the day in Cozumel was a free day.

The venue and theme lend themselves to reflexive exploration and performance of relational practices in a wide range of contexts. We want to thank all those who joined us as we ventured the high seas of play, improvisation, performance and humor to expand our personal and professional lives.

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