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Practical Tips for Writing Your Dissertation | January 15 - March 10

Sun, January 15, 2017

through Fri, March 10, 2017

An Online 8-week Workshop

Dates: January 15th – March 10th
Location: Online, virtual, both synchronous and asynchronous
Presenter: Rich Furman, Ph.D.


This online workshop is designed for doctoral students to help them develop the skills needed to successfully complete a high quality dissertation. It begins with an exploration of the nature of dissertations, including an analysis of the traditional dissertation architecture and the nature of each section. It examines the nature of quality in scholarly writing, helping developing scholars engage in an examination and critique of each other’s writing. Participants will practice methods of writing productivity, using each technique to push their agenda writing forward. Finally, the workshop helps doctoral students understand the psychosocial barriers that inhibit scholars, perhaps the most important and unique aspect of this workshop.

This online workshop will be a combination of readings, videos, writing, learning partner dialogues, and online conversations. There will also be a live conference call each week. Participants should be available for the live conference calls, and have up to 6 hours a week available for the assignments and weekly dialogue partner conversations.

Live conference calls will take place on Wednesdays, at 11:00 AM US Eastern time/ New York Time. 

  1. Module 1 – Introduction, Deconstructing the Dissertation
  2. Module 2 – The Architecture/Sections of the Dissertation
  3. Module 3 – Quality Writing and the Dissertation
  4. Module 4 – Methods of Writing Productivity, Part 1
  5. Module 5 – Methods of Writing Productivity, Part 2
  6. Module 6 – The Psychosocial Barriers to Writing and Publishing, Part 1
  7. Module 7 – The Psychosocial Barriers to Writing and Publishing, Part 2
  8. Module 8 – Putting It All Together

To register:  Click Here

Registration Fees: Taos PhD Student - Email: [email protected] for rates
Student - $550
General - $650
(Rates good before December 15th. After Dec. 15th, add $100.)

For questions: Email Rich Furman at [email protected]