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A Positive Revolution in Change Leadership (2006)

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This video was produced by the Film Investment Group (FIG) and is being distributed by the Taos Institute.
10% of all sales of the video are donated to the Taos Institute.

Join Dr. David Cooperrider, Professor, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, as he passionately explores the next generation of management thinking. Dr. Cooperrider’s ideas are on the leading edge of the field and are bringing about a positive revolution in change. Three powerful concepts in the film are: The Power of Positive Image; The Power of Words; and The Power of Positive Emotions.

In this video Cooperrider focuses on three powerful concepts. Any organization trying to manage through change will benefit from hearing these ideas:

The Power of Positive Image:
Positive images of the future influence our behavior in the present.

The Power of Words:
Words enable worlds. Our inner dialogue represents a powerful indicator of our actions and our ability to positively create our future.

The Power of Positive Emotions:

This leads to transformation, increased intelligence, creativity and health.

These ideas, originally set out in Cooperrider’s article, Positive Image-Positive Action, have formed the basis for working with socially responsible organizations around the world, including The United Nations, the Environmental Protection Agency, World Vision, CARE, British Airways, the U.S. Navy, Nutrimental of Brazil, British Petroleum, Green Mountain Coffee and Roadway Express, to name but a few.

The video is intended as the anchor point for group discussion around the key concepts. Accompanying guide provides options for facilitating these discussions. The film package also includes a CDROM version of David’s article: Positive Image Positive Action.

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