A Student’s Guide to Clinical Supervision: You Are Not Alone, by Glenn E. Boyd



A Student’s Guide to Clinical Supervision: You Are Not Alone

by Glenn E. Boyd

by Kenneth J. Gergen

Taos Institute Publications, 2021 (WorldShare Books), 2014 (original in print)
ISBN (print): 978-1-938552-22-9
ISBN (WorldShare Books): 978-1-938552-92-2

You Are Not Alone: A Student’s Guide to Clinical Supervision is surprisingly frank, funny, and encouraging. It urges beginning students to be proactive and engaged in the clinical supervision process without apology and without fear to combat the normal anxiety that comes with learning to be a clinical practitioner. It also encourages training programs to offer beginning students an orientation to supervision as soon as possible after they enter the program. It outlines the importance of the clinical supervision relationship while introducing key elements in the contemporary practice of supervision including a novel emphasis on collaborative learning communities, the results of common factors research, and the emerging importance of core competencies.

About the Author:

Glenn E. Boyd, Ph.D. is in private practice in Stafford, Texas southwest of Houston where he lives with his wife, Chrys. He is a licensed professional counselor and a licensed marriage and family therapist. Glenn taught both academic and clinical courses in the M.S. in psychology program of Our Lady of the Lake University-Houston for fifteen years. He is also on the faculty of the Houston Galveston Institute. He graduated from the Taos Institute/Tilburg University Ph.D. program in 2011.


I love the title of this ‘little’ book which may be ‘little’ but, my word, it says A LOT!!! Glenn writes with humor, sensitivity and encouragement but most of all he diffuses the mystery and power around this business of supervision. Glenn engages the reader from the beginning and there is something in the way he writes that reminds me of ‘Old Deuteronomy’ from the musical ‘Cats’. Old Deuteronomy has a lot of wisdom and all the cats look up to him, not because he comes across as more powerful than the other cats but because of his kindness, sensitivity and knowledge.

— Val Caird, MCouns
Peebles, Scotland

You Are Not Alone is a groundbreaking book that speaks to the often forgotten person in supervision, the “supervisee”. Written from Boyd’s years of experience as a supervisor of mental health profession graduate students and new professionals in the field, this book is a must read for them and also for supervisors who want to be the best. It gives the reader a bonus: a glimpse of what makes Boyd such a well-respected and sought-after supervisor and what can be learned from his understanding and know-how of the supervision process.

— Harlene Anderson, PhD.
Houston Galveston Institute and The Taos Institute

Glenn Boyd has written a very appropriate and effective book on clinical supervision for mental health professionals who are beginning their professional training. He rightly emphasizes the importance of clinical supervision at this early stage of training and explains this importance to the student professional very clearly. They are entering a professional world that requires an exceptional ability to relate appropriately, openly and effectively to others, to be able to listen attentively and share honestly and to develop the critical and innovative thinking essential for mental health work. This can’t be learned by just observing and reading professional texts. It must be learned relationally in interaction with others. Clinical supervision provides an excellent context for this to occur. Dr. Boyd’s book offers a wonderful opportunity for the professional in training to make the most of the clinical supervision that will be an integral part of his/her training. I was very impressed by his sensitivity to the professional world the graduate students are entering and his ability to write this book in a way that can be very understandable to the beginning student.

— Robert Cottor, M.D.
Taos Institute Board of Directors

December 28, 2021 11:02 am

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