A Systemic Community: Collaborative leadership, redescription and evolutionary ways of becoming


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A Systemic Community: Collaborative leadership, redescription and evolutionary ways of becoming

By Jacob Storch

A Taos Institute Publication in the WorldShare Book series.
ISBN: 978-1-938552-64-9

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Systemic practices have inspired practitioners with new practices within mental health, education, community development, leadership and consulting for more than 20 years. But how does a group of systemic practitioners organize and lead from within its day-to-day activities? With this book Jacob Storch offers a perspective of such practice based on his own experiences of founding CEO of Attractor, an organization that grew to become the biggest systemic consultancy in the Nordics over the past twenty years.

This is not just another text book, but rather an unusual insight in to the thoughts on leading and organizing from a systemic scholar and practitioner and a systemic community. The red thread of the book is irreverence which is expanded with a novel philosophical orientation, and it is argued that the ability to suspend one’s own hypothesis and continuously take up new positions is at the heart of the systemic tradition. Therefore the book is in itself irreverent towards the systemic tradition and tries to explore new pathways ahead for the horizon of these ideas.

The book is written for all organizations, leaders and practitioners who wants to oxygenate the systemic vocabulary.


“Storch boldly proposes an innovative philosophy of leadership that gives leaders and members of organizations a dramatically fresh framework for rethinking and redoing leadership. His philosophy opens up possibilities for increasing the opportunity for what all leaders want: innovation, transformation and growth for their organization and its members.

He unequivocally challenges that this requires giving up ideas of leadership as personal characteristics and best practices, and the comfortableness of certainty. Alternatively, he advocates leadership as an ongoing relational process in which a leader responds distinctively to each circumstance and the people involved in it. Central to this process is the importance of creating and facilitating the conditions for a conversational culture in which imagination, experimentation and inventiveness become the standards.

Storch’s thought-provoking and resourceful new language for leadership provides a new springboard for leaders who want to be more effective, and collaborative in so being.”

– Harlene Anderson, PhD, The Taos Institute and HGI

This is a rare and enriching opportunity to enter the private world of a change-making leader. Insights from the scholarly world are brought together with years of practical experience, with challenging and illuminating outcomes. Jacob Storch offers no fixed formulas for effective leadership; as he eloquently argues, leadership is an ever-emerging result of relational processes.

– Kenneth J. Gergen, President, The Taos Institute

“Dr. Jacob Storch is one of the most creative and important contributors to systemic-social constructivist theory, research and practice. I do not know of any other contributor who combines these three abilities: 1. To create and manage a major consultation business based on systemic & social constructivist principles. 2. To be a creative and highly effective consultant. 3. To contribute importantly to published scholarship and to teaching in his field.  His work is source of continuing enrichment to his colleagues and his field.”

– Vernon E. Cronen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts.

Currently, Adjunct Faculty University of North Carolina, Wilmington

About the Author:

Jacob Storch holds a professional doctorate in systemic practice. He has worked as organizational consultant for more than 20 years. The past five years he has worked in the intersection of research and practice and a thought leader in public sector development I Denmark. He currently works out of his consultancy Joint Action in association with Aarhus University. Previously he founded and was managing director of Attractor, a systemic organizational training and consulting firm which he grew from being a local provider in to working from offices in four countries. The book describes the living experiences of being part of a systemic community of consultants.

Currently his work is centered around the most complex challenges facing the public sector in the Nordic countries and how collaborative practices can offer ways of resolving some of these challenges. He is organizing an annual Nordic conference on Relational Welfare and Collaborative Governance in Denmark in partnership with TAOS Institute and other partners.

He has authored and co-authored six books and numerous articles in Danish, English and Spanish. He is a TAOS Associate and is on the board of TAOS Europe.


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